8077 Words To Write A Wrong

One day the time will come when your friends' darkest secrets betray you.


4. Lucy: The Happiest Day Of My Life

I know that the world is complicated. I know that sometimes the world sends you into a high stakes poker game with no cards and tells you to bluff, but today is different. Today, I get to be who I am. I am Lucy Elizabeth Morgan, and today is my wedding day.

I was stood in my bedroom, stood in from of the full length mirror in my dress, when there was a subtle knock on the door. Nathan put his head around the corner, “Can I come in?” I turned round and smiled at him, “Sure” He slowly opened the door and stepped inside. He was wearing coat and tails and looked very smart. “Nathan, don’t you look smart” He adjusted his collar, “I can dress up well sometimes.” I laughed, “You look great. You make a brilliant best man Nathan.” He looked nervous, “I’m not sure about the speech.” I smiled, “Nathan, you were running for congress, how come your best man speech is scaring you so much?” He ran his hand over his eyes, “I don’t know.” I put my hand on his arm and he looked at me, “Nathan, you’ll do great.”

The next few hours flew past so fast and then I was stood at the back of the Church with Matt. “Are you ready?” His voice was surprisingly quiet in comparison with my pounding heartbeat, “Ask me in ten minutes time, Matt.” He sighed, “Do you wish that it was Dad standing here?” I laughed, “Dad was rubbish at weddings, remember. He nearly threw up on the vicar when he got married to Charlie. She completely freaked and pulled her dress up so that we could all see she was wearing a corset” We both started laughing then, but fell silent as the wedding march started. Claire came running up to us in her ice blue bridesmaids dress (Peter had wanted the bridesmaids in red but Nathan had said it clashed with the green colour of his tie), “It’s time. Have you asked her if she’s ready?” I smiled and Matt muttered, “Yes, I have” Then, the three of us pushed open the Church doors.

I absolutely loved the reception. I hadn’t chosen anything for the reception and let Peter surprise me, because he let me organise the venue. He hadn’t wanted anything big, and so the reception was at Nathan’s chalet. There were a few hundred people there, including Angela, Nathan and Pete’s mum, and the entire barrage of Peter’s colleagues from the St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. It was beautiful. There were white and blue streamers everywhere and the tables were set. The food was excellent. Then, it was time for Nathan’s speech.

“Good evening everyone. This actually isn’t the first time I have made a speech and it is true when they say that it’s still nerve racking. I only feel slightly better knowing that I am not the only person in the room who is apprehensive, but then again she has just married my brother. Now I did ask for a microphone but was told one wasn’t available. So if you can’t hear me at the back, the silence from the people at the front should reassure you that you’re not missing out on anything

When Peter asked me to be his best man, I naturally had many questions. What had I done to be bestowed with such an honour? Had someone else refused - or had all his friends left the country? And, more important than all of those, could I myself refuse and still get an invitation to consume loads of free alcohol? It was a risk I was unwilling to take.

Lucy, you’re a wonderful woman, who deserves a wonderful husband. And I’m not going to rest until I get to the bottom of what’s gone wrong here. Lucy, when we first met, it was in High School. You remember that don’t you? Good, because otherwise that would have been a part of my speech wasted. I bumped into you and Pete got a ball in the face from Matt for trying to help you up again. The point I’m trying to make is, Lucy, since the moment I met you, you have been my best friend and the one person I could rely on for anything. Sorry Pete.

Lucy, though, there are a few things that I need you to know about Pete, apart from the fact that he does snore and yes, he is the one who ate all of the Doritos out of the cupboard. Pete is my little brother, and because of this he is the thing that matters most to me in the world. I love you Pete, and nothing will ever change that. This is why I know that Lucy, our best friend since childhood, will be the one person who makes you happy in all this world.

Lucy being around a lot was the first of many changes to come in Pete’s life. First of all, gone were his snoring and his obsession with dogs! But, more importantly, we started to see Pete shine in ways we never knew possible. Lucy, whether it was through her shining happiness or her introducing Pete to Lacrosse, brought a new dimension of happiness to him that even I had never seen. But, having got to know Lucy’s family a bit more in recent weeks, now I understand where this happiness comes from.

In fact, today we see two happy families coming together and it all comes down the same thing: love and mutual respect. And I think you would all agree that there’s a lot of that in this room today, and I think you’d also agree that there’s a lot of that between Pete and Lucy.

So let’s all raise our glasses to the happy couple. Lucy and Pete, you two honestly deserve each other. Lucy, you are the most honest, bravest, smartest (honestly, she puts me to shame) person I have ever met, and Pete, you’re my brother, and I would follow you to the end of the universe. Cheers to Peter and Lucy Deveaux!               

I went up to Nathan, after I had managed to escape from Matt’s awful dancing (It honestly is awful, but he’d had a couple of pints so I don’t think he minded). He was stood in the corner, whilst Claire tried to persuade him to dance. Claire walked away and I sauntered up to Nathan. He had his head in his hands and so it was kind of easy to surprise him, “Wife’s trying to get you to dance, huh?” He smiled, “I told her that there was no way I was dancing in front of cameras.” I laughed, “Wise choice. Nathan, your speech was amazing.” He looked me straight in the eyes, “You liked it?” “Nathan, you made everyone laugh. Even Angela was impressed, and to be honest, that’s the first time I have ever seen her laugh.” He looked round, “Ma, was laughing?” I nodded, “She could hardly contain herself.” He smiled, “Thanks Lucy. Oh, I think your husband wants to dance.” I turned round and Peter was waving at me to come over from across the room. “I should probably go dance with him.” I turned back to Nathan. He was smiling at me, “Go on, warning though, Pete’s got two left feet.”

The honeymoon though, was the best thing about the wedding. Our honeymoon was spent in New York, once again trying to stem the constant flow of patients into St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. When we came back, Meredith smirked, saying, “Shouldn’t you two be on your honeymoon?” Peter and I smiled at each other because, do you know what, we both knew that neither of us would want to be anywhere else. The thing is, the best place on Earth is the place that you can call home, and now I know that there is one place I will always want to be, one place that I need to be, and that is with Pete. Honeymoon or no honeymoon, this was the best time of my life, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The marriage itself might just be a few lines on a bit of paper, but this marks the beginning of a new time for me and Peter.  

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