I Thought Of You Today (Larry Stylinson)


2. Chapter 2

Before Deciding to go to the park, I finally got out of my bed. Took a nice, cleansing, and muscle relaxing shower. I got dressed, a plain white T with black skinny jeans, and brushed my teeth. Checking myself out in the mirror once more, then grabbed the basic "Day-out" necessities. Meaning my phone, car charger, wallet, keys and a jacket. I then made my way out the door and into the car, turning it on and driving to the park.

~~~Time Skip~~~

Hopping out of my car into the fresh air and breathing it in. I look ahead and the field looks welcoming. I see a couple over to my right on a picnic. Reminding me of what once was mine.


"Come on Louis, just try it!" Harry whines, pushing the odd sandwich in my direction once more.

"What if I'm allergic to the combination?!" I screech, inching backwards. He grins and replies.

"Well, then i'll just have to give you mouth to mouth." He gently pushes the sandwich towards my face and the offer is starting to sound pretty good. I glance from the sandwich to him and back again.

"Fine." I reply, taking big bite out of the sandwich and chewing the substance. Bursts of flavor, confusing my senses, making it even more enjoyable. Smiling after finishing the bite I had taken, I snatch the remainder of the sandwich in his hand finishing it.

"What did I tell you? Told you that you would like it!" Harry smiles in my direction again reaching in the picnic basket and pulling out his own sandwich.

"Well…" I frown grabbing my neck. Making my eyes water to make it more believable.

"I feel my throat swelling, and it's getting harder to breathe." I start coughing and spluttering making the scene dramatic. He face grows worried, a frown etched on his face and his eyes full of concern, worry and fear. I couldn't do it anymore. I laugh.

"Lou! Why would you do that? You scared me to death!" He exhales and relaxes a bit. I frown and make my eyes big and innocent.

"You said if I was allergic you'd give me mouth to mouth." I reply looking down and twiddling with my fingers. He looks over at me and coos.

"Lou, if you wanted, you could've asked." He smiles as I blush. He closes his eyes leaning in, and I do the same, feeling pure bliss when our lips meet

*Flashback Ends*

As I graze my fingers over my lips, I wish to myself to feel that feeling again. The happiness of Harry being by my side, and calling him mine.

Him knowing my existence and loving it. Treating me right and loving me.

How I wish to know that feeling again.

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