I Thought Of You Today (Larry Stylinson)


1. Chapter 1

Memories. All I have left are memories. No objects from our time together, nor pictures, or just seeing him pass by. He's gone. He left. I still remember the day we met and the day he left. All memories of the greatest years of my life were crushed  yet cherished the day he got on that plane and flew across the earth. He promised to be back and told me to wait for him, and I have. For the past 5 years. Five years with no phone call, a text, a letter. Not even a post card.

It's like he forgot I existed.

Forgot my entire being.

Forgot our promise to one another.

But I didn't. I didn't forget. I never even looked at another boy. And I hope he hasn't either. I miss him. Truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly completely still in love with him. [<- See what I did there? Hehe, my craziness. Cause I mean just imagine Lou singing that to Harry and him just remembering it, like oml! I'm gonna stop now…] 

My love.

My first.

My only.

My life.

My Harry.

Otay! That my friends is my first chapter! Whatchya thinking? You like? Oh, this whole story will probably end up being only Louis' PoV. Help come up with a nickname for my fans when I get some, yeah? Hope you enjoyed it.

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