The Horror Shop of the Bizarre and Unknown

Another future series I wish to write (hopefully I can actually write it). A horror anthology series. Much like Goosebumps (remember those?) and the twilight zone there is a different story. Although there is one reoccurring element to each and that is the mysterious "Horror Shop of the Bizarre and Unknown".


1. The Horror Shop of the Bizarre and Unknown

Welcome to the shop of horrors

We have items like none other

Things that have power to instill as much fear

Sending screams loud enough to cover your ears

Novelty items from far lands ages ago

Origins from where? Nobody knows

Pick and choose from your hearts desire

As we say “Items lead fate of its buyer”

However if you are not pleased

There’s one opportunity to be seized

You have three days to return it. This is vital

For by that time “All Sales Are Final”

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