This shouldn't have happened

"The last thing I would want is to be killed by such a monster. But I am the monster..."


1. I couldn't let that happen

I wanted to let him live. But that didn't happen. Fifteen minutes ago he was in a dark alley, mugging someone. I couldn't let that happen, so I walked up to him. "Hey, man. Let's be honest. Do you really want to do this?" I asked. He responded, "Get away, man! Or I'll shoot!" I said, "Really? Really. You'll shoot?" "Yeah!", he said. I pulled a 44 magnum and lit him up. POP, POP, POP! Three shots to the legs. "AAAAHHH!" he yelled. Yup, I thought, he's in pain alright. I returned the purse to the lady who was getting mugged. I dragged him into the warehouse where I hide out. I tied him up and sat him in the chair. "Okay, scumbag. What was that?" I asked. Nothing. The silent treatment, huh? Well, let's see about that. I pulled the 44 and put it to his head. "You can't shoot me. You too chicken.", he said. I pulled the trigger.

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