whats wrong?

Hi my name is nichole and I am the girl that everybody hates and is worthless until the 4 boys showed up


12. true love

nicholes point of view

so Michael told me I could hang out with him and the boys at school and home so I started hanging out with them and the weird thing is calum has been flirting with me and he kinda is my favorite out of the whole band so we are really close and one day we were sitting in their living room alone and he said "Nichole can I ask you something" I said 'yea what's up?' 'well me and you have been spending a lot of time together and I was wondering do you want to be my girlfriend I mean you don't have to if you don't want to' I smiled and blushed thought about it and said 'of course I will I have loved forever' he smiled and he kissed my cheek then my phone started ringing it was my brother I answered it 'hello?' 'NICHOLE MARIE WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!' 'at a friends house why?' 'YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES TO GET HOME OR YOUR GETTING A BEATING!!!' calum must have heard what he said because he snatched the phone from me and started yelling at my brother 'WHO THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YELLING AT HER LIKE THAT AND THEN SAYING YOUR GONNA BEAT HER?!' I said 'Cal forget it its fine I have to go' I grabbed my phone and told my brother ill be home in a couple minutes then I broke down crying again so just turned kissed cals cheek and left when  I got home my brother jumped me and wouldn't stop beating me and everything went black

Calums point of view

a bit after nicholes left I heard sirens and they were really close then I thought oh god she's hurt so I ran next door and ran inside and I saw her body on the ground in a body bag and then the police hand cuffed her brother and put him in the back of the crusier and I just fell to my knees and started sobbing and the lads came running up and saw her and they fell to the floor beside me and we all cried together in a big huddle and they finally took her body in the ambulance h a coule days later was the funeral that was the hardest thing I could hav ever done was to go to it and now I will never forget the girl I fell in love with



so there you go the end of what's wrong I know its crappy but I tried thanks for reading love ya bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and read my harry styles fanfic who is he for  more love



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