whats wrong?

Hi my name is nichole and I am the girl that everybody hates and is worthless until the 4 boys showed up


6. first day of school

ashtons p.o.v

ok so its my job to get the other boys up and ready for school...how did I get stuck with this job they get to sleep in while I have to get up an hour earlier but this should be good because if they don't get up the first time I WILL pour ICE WATER on their heads and make them get up so yea.....I also have to make breakfast I don't even know how to cook I guess they get cereal so I get up at 4:00 am and get he breakfast out and have my share then I have 20 minutes left till I have to get the lads up..should I get them up early? yea I will so at 4:40 I go in the room and start screaming at the top of my lungs and then they just throw pillows at me I didn't want to do this but I go in the kitchen get a pitcher of cold water and throw it on Luke he jumps up and pushes me against the wall and stares at me (LASHTON!!!!!!!) and then backs up and by now Cal and mike are already up and yelling at me this is gonna be a long morning..



what do you think? oh and have yall read slave auction yet? it is amazing!! I will update tomorrow

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