whats wrong?

Hi my name is nichole and I am the girl that everybody hates and is worthless until the 4 boys showed up


3. coming back from fame

lukes p.o.v


ok so me and the lads are planning to go home because we lost our record deal but we still have fans me mike and cal are going to finish school our old school I missed that place I really did so tomorrow we leave to go home....

cals point of view

ok so we lost our fame but that does not mean we are gonna stop life we still have fans but we do have to finish school at our old school..................

Michael's point of view

ok  tomorrow we go to finish school and graduate omg I didn't think we would lose fame but I have wanted to finish school and hopefully have a great time...............


ash pov


ok so we lost our fame the screaming fans..the concerts......the friends...one direction...everything but that doesn't mean that our life ends we still have fans and we  still love them .... the boys have to go finish school...haha


a/n sorry this chapter is short I only have 9 minutes left in class to bad they will get longer I promise contest still going you have 4 days

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