whats wrong?

Hi my name is nichole and I am the girl that everybody hates and is worthless until the 4 boys showed up


10. at home

nicholes pov

so when I got home my brother was gone so I decided to just chill since I didn't have homework so I got my phone and ear buds out of my backpack and stated listening to music.....a few minutes later there was a knock at the door.....

Michael's p.o.v

when I got home I saw nichole walking up my neighbors driveway and open the door I guess she is my neighbor so I go to her house and kock on the door....

nicholes p.o.v

when I opened the door it was Michael he said "hey I just thought I would come meet my new neighbor" he smiled "don't you go to school with me?" 'yes" I replied then he just glanced down at my wrist..



ooooo cliffhanger what will mikey do next lol

q of the day

have you ever saved your best friend from something that could hurt her like a relation ship or something comment below love yall

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