that summer

theres always an adventure with summer.


2. party time

      on the last day of school I always have a birthday party because my birthday is in june. I always have at least 7 people over at my house.last summer well, it wasn't the best birthday ever but its the second. The first was when i was in second grade maybe, and i had a party at my grandma's house and we had the best time ever we had a slipping slide that was under our slide ok it wasn't the safest thing in the world but it was fun. unfortunately when you get older you don't stay friends with everyone you meet. I wish that some of my friends wouldn't have moved but i cant change that.So this year i'm having Shania ,Shiann,Hanna,kerstin davis,Grace, and alexis miller.In my school we have like 4 alexis's so The one i'm talking about is the new girl in our school,Some people call her lexi. 

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