They Have Risen

A boy named Kegan is having a normal day then he sees something that doesn't look right a monster...


2. Waiting is pain


                     Kegan started to run home seeing more and more creatures. Once he got home he re realized something, "my sisters." He let out some cuss words. He was about to go after then his sisters came through the door. "Are you guys okay?" Kegan said. They all said yes except for Breann who had blood all up and down her arm. "What Happened?" Kegan said. "She got bit."said Morgan who was sweaty and looked tired. Kegan ran to his parents bedroom and grabbed his dad's handgun a revolver. "Something to defend with." Kegan said. Morgan grabbed the rifle hidden under the bed. Lauren came in and said "What about mom and dad?" Kegan replied with "They will be fine, here." He handed Lauren dad's survival knife which looked like a dagger in her hands. "okay." She said silently. Kegan looked at Breann, his face went blank and Breann charged at him. Kegan took the revolver out of the holster and aimed a Breann and he pulled the trigger. She dropped to the floor only with about a third of her head left. Morgan drop her gun and started to bawl and Lauren threw up. Kegan just stood there wondering what he has just done. " I just killed my sister." He thought. They all looked at each other and they all ran to start collecting supplies and they all started to watch out for other creatures. 

                      Then Kegan remembered about the gun case. "Guys the gun case!" They all ran to the case and they grabbed all the rifles and shotguns. "Okay lets wait for mom and dad."

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