They Have Risen

A boy named Kegan is having a normal day then he sees something that doesn't look right a monster...


1. Something wrong


               His name is Kegan. He goes to school like every other kid, and he has friends like every other kid. Logan, Drew, Brad, and Noah. Today was the last day of school hooray!! After that awesome day at school  it was time to go home. My bus driver didn't look to good but it was the last day so i didn't pay any attention. We started to move and then the bus driver got up and he looked bad like a zombie but different like he was still human. Everybody screamed but I was stunned. It started to bite and eat the kids on the bus so I ran over to it stomped on its leg and it crumbled and I stomped on it over and over until its face looked like old soup that you threw out after a week. "What is going on?" I asked and everybody looked at me. 

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