Life Of A Bad Boy

Sequel to Bad Boyz!


2. 2

*9 months later*

Luke and I were happy when we found out I was pregnant. We don't know the gender cuz we wanted it to be a suprize!!!! So I was at home with Calum.

When are you due to have the baby? Calum asked.

In about 3 weeks Cal. It's 4th of July weekend god! I said.

It's technically only the 3rd. Plus it's only 11:30 at night.

Just then I screamed. I felt my water broke and I told Calum to call Luke. I was in the hospital going into labor. It was like hell. Ashton, Calum, and Michael were standing next to me. I heard running. I saw Luke running towards my room.

Izzy! Izzy! Ow!! Luke yelled as he ran into a wall.

I laughed and then yelped in pain. Luke have me his hand and I squeezed it as he yelped in pain. I saw that his hand was turning purple but I didn't care I was GIVING BIRTH! He can deal with the pain. I kept swearing and yelling at Luke. I was being a bitch but it's his fault! He got me pregnant. I screamed as the baby came out.

It's a girl! Just have to get the other baby out and we are done! The doctor said.

OTHER BABY! Luke, Ash, Mikey, and I yelled as Calum fainted.

Yep you are having twins! The doctor said.

I felt the pain and I screamed again. I finally gave birth and it was another girl. We laughed when Calum got up. He was so embarrassed! It's was hilarious.

What are we gonna name the girls? Luke asked.

I wanna her to be Ariana Selena Hemmings. You can name the other girl. I said.

Autumn Lily Hemmings. Luke said.

Its settled. Calum said.

Autumn and Ariana. Mikey said.

WE ARE UNCLES!!!!! Ashton screamed.

I have an amazing family! ❤️

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