Life Of A Bad Boy

Sequel to Bad Boyz!


1. 1

We were in Paris. I was out my wedding dress, well a shorter version, and I was laying on my bed thinking of what Luke and I did last night. Also what we've been doing for the past 2 weeks. I can't believe I'm Isabelle Hemmings! I felt a kiss on my shoulder and turned to see Luke.

Hi beautiful. You look good like that. Luke said.

I'm naked. I said.

Nah you look better than that drink! Luke said.

Really? You're so crazy. I said.

Crazy about you! Luke laughed

I shut him up with a kiss. I quickly got dressed in another dress. I gave Luke a quick kiss until I broke away and ran towards the bathroom. I started puking. I felt Luke pull my hair back and rub my back. I felt like I puked out my insides. I flushed and sat on the floor.

Did u think I'm pregnant? I asked nervous.

Um. It's a possibility. If so, I want a baby boy and a baby girl. Luke lightly joked.

I went through my purse and pulled out a pregnancy test.

You always keep pregnancy tests in your purse? Luke asked.

Maybe I do! I have too when I have you! I giggled.

I took the test. I was waiting for the timer to go off. What if I am pregnant? Will Luke quit 5sos? Will Luke ditch me and the baby? Will Luke make me have an abortion? Will Luke divorce me? This is all happening so fast! After the timer went off I checked it. Uh Oh.....

I'm pregnant!

I'm back lady's and I'm here to stay! Love y'all!


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