wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


8. chapter 8.

    Mikey and Ash walked by my side as we walked into the Baskin Robins. I knew what they were doing. they were taking me here to cheer me up with ice cream like girls do in movies. it made me smile. we orderered a large bowl of ice cream for each of us. it was only noon. we all had chocolate vanilla swirl with moose tracks. "this is the perfect lunch. you guys are the best,best friends ever." i told them smiling into a spoon of ice cream. "Well ice cream is just the beginning." Mikey smiled. right then my phone started playing 'turn down for what' by lil john which was my ringtone. i looked at my iPhone six. "Who is it?" Mikey asked. "Cal." i couldn't be mad at him,he didn't know. When i tried to tell him he should have listened to me instead of kissing me. "hello?" i answered. "I'm so sorry. i didn't know. i should have let you finish. please don't be mad at me. I know what i did was stupid. Luke isn't mad at me but he is mad at you and i feel so bad." It didn't seem like he even had time to breath he said that so fast. "I'm not mad at you,i just really wish you wouldn't have done that." i explained to him. i could hear his smile through the words, "so we are still best friends? Sweet! where are you at?" he asked. "Baskin Robins but we are almost done here." i told him that i would text him when we got back to my house,then hung up.      "Cal's coming? cool!" Ash shouted. we finished our ice cream then left. "where are we going now?" i asked opening the car door and getting in. "your house." Mikey answered. we drove back to my house and i texted Cal. he got here fast because he didn't live that far from me. the rest of the day we had listened to music, played instruments, talked about a lot of things.      when they left i took a shower and changed into sweats and a tank top then went downstairs to watch some television. someone knocked on the door. it was Luke. i sighed and opened it. "so. do you mind explaining what the hell you were thinking?" he asked rudely. "i tried but you wouldn't listen and you wouldn't listen to the witnesses either!" i shouted trying to fight back tears. He took a deep breath then said "now I'm listening." i rolled my eyes and explained the whole thing. "you are probably making that up you probably let him." i got so mad when he said that. "If you weren't going to believe me for telling the fucking truth why ask?" he just stood there and looked at me. After the silence he stated "your just a bitchy whore from America." then left. i slammed the door behind him then ran up to my room. i was crying. i felt stupid for crying. i picked up my cell phone and called Mikey. i knew he would be awake at this time (it was ten at night). "hello?" he answered. "hey Mikey." i tried to sound happy but I'm guessing he could tell i wasn't. "whats wrong beautiful?" i smiled when he asked. "Luke came over…he asked me to explain and i did,but he still didn't believe me. i don't know what to do anymore. i feel like you,Ash,and Cal are the only good guys around here. My heart hurts Mikey it just hurts." i could hear his smile through the phone. "its okay you know you can vent to me at any time of night. Now, what did he say?" and i told him what Luke said. "your not a bitch. your probably one of the coolest,sweetest girls i know,you just do n't take shit from assholes. your NOT a whore,and your the prettiest girl i know." i smiled. "Thanks for being a good friend. Im going to bed we have school tomorrow." i told him then we hung up.     the next morning i woke up and got changed. today i put on a navy blue nirvana t-shirt and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that had tears at the knees. i put on my black converse high-tops. i went into the bathroom and did the rest of my morning routine. i put on my black beanie. i took my backpack and ran out the door to my car. i drove to school and went into literature. "Hey bestie!" i shouted to Cal and went to the back of the classroom. "i see your in a good mood." his observation was correct. i woke up happy despite the fact i had to call Mikey last night balling my eyes out. "I'm actually in a good mood despite…nothing Luke is your guy's friend i won't say anything." i explained. he shook his head no then forced me to tell him because i hate being tickled. I'm super ticklish and he kept tickling me.      "wow…well i understand why he would be mad but…wow! Tana listen your not a whore. i mean you just gave your virginity up to me. i mean of all people but thats besides my point. you have only slept with one person!" i laughed at how he was getting all defensive for me. "Tana!" i heard ashley shout as she entered the classroom. "what are you all happy about?" i asked her as she smiled brightly. "So after Ash left your place he picked me up and we went over to his place…lets just make this story short and he bought a bunch of beer." i sighed. "you can't just put yourself out there." i told her. she blushed. "he is my first boyfriend…i didn't know what to do." i thought the girls were kidding when they said they never have had boyfriends. since the seventh grade i have dated about 20 different guys,just haven't lost my virginity until last friday. "well-" i was interrupted by the bell and the teacher walking in and telling us the assignment.      in my next class which was calculous Mikey was there. when i walked into class the first thing that he did was give me a hug. "are you okay?" he asked smiling at me. i nodded.      at lunch Luke didn't even look at me. It wasn't any different than any other school day,except the fact we both like each other,but hated each other at the same time.      after school i went to work. "Tana! glad your in! we have an employee meeting in the back of the store now." The manager had informed me. i followed her to the back by the shoes. "So this week is a very important week. We are glad to accept the offer for us to find a band or musical act to play at the Malls annual two dollar concert." the manager told us. I smiled brightly. the guys sure would be happy if i booked them this gig. "so if anyone has any friends or you have a band please tell us as soon as possible. actually raise your hand if you have any friends or you yourself is in a band." The manager said. I was the only one to raise my hand. "Only Tana? okay. Tell your friends or your band that they need to be ready by friday." they said and told us to get to work. it was slow today. it was the longest four hours of my life.      i clocked out and went home. i had sent a group message to all the boys, including Luke.  the band: you guys are pro forming at the Malls two dollar concert. start practicing mates. after i sent that i got texts from all the guys freaking out. even Luke forgot he hated me at the moment. it was kind of nice though. i took a shower then went to bed.    ------- Authors note this chapter was a little boring and I'm sorry. I learned how to play the entire boys album in one day on guitar! so proud. i also learned how to play my favorite green day song boulevard of broken dreams. ~Tana x
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