wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


7. chapter 7

     I woke up the next morning with Sabrina on the floor. i walked to my bathroom and took a shower. i did my morning routine then changed. today i wore white torn jeans,a black nirvana t-shirt,and a white beanie. i then slid on the palm tree converse. when i exited the bathroom Sabrina was awake."hey can i wear some of your clothes? i mean we are the same size everything." i laughed then let her wear my skater skirt with a white crop top. she changed then we went downstairs to watch television.      a knock came at the door. i opened it. it was Luke. "please…tell me that kiss you gave Michael didn't mean anything to you." he was almost crying. "it didn't. i was just trying to prove my point. plus i thought you hated me." i replied. he laughed "thank god. I don't hate you. I've had a major crush since you moved here and thats why I've been a dick. Mikey said he likes you and i didn't want to take that away from him." Luke explained. "come on in!" i exclaimed with a smile. "i already told you at the party though but you were drunk." he told me. then he smashed his lips into mine. it was like everything came back to me from that night. we continued to kiss. it was like the whole world was gone. i never knew i had feelings for him until my whole body went warm while kissing him. it was like our lips were meant to fit together. we stopped kissing. "i remember." i smiled. he smiled back and said "good. what do you say about being my girlfriend?" he asked. i smiled and nodded. we walked over to the couch. Sabrina turned on MTV which was still playing the faking it marathon.      "i dont understand why they would do that!" Luke shouted. i laughed at all of his comments. it felt weird to be with Luke. We constantly piss each other off since i got here. i never would have thought he had a crush on me this entire time. "whats wrong?" he asked me. he must have seen me spacing out thinking. "i am just thinking."i answered. he smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.      "want to come to band practice? maybe come join in?" He asked looking at his phone for the time. i nodded. "Sabrina be more than welcome to stay here or you can go home." i told her standing up with Luke. she took her purse and left. "lets go then." Luke took ahold of my hand. we walked to his house. he opened up his garage. "the guys will be here any minute."Luke explained then went inside to get us all waters.      the guys all pulled up in Ash's car. "what are you doing here?" Cal laughed. "um…lets just say me and Luke don't hate each other anymore. "Well I'm glad…and Tana? can we get back together?" He asked i blushed and shook my head no. "Look I'm kind of-" i was cut off. Cals lips smashed into mine. i pulled away and slapped him. behind me i heard Luke walk into the room "WHORE!" he shouted. i wanted to run away and cry but i couldn't. "Luke he kissed me. as you saw i smacked him." i saw the hurt in Lukes eyes. "you let him do it though." he said almost crying. "No Luke i was in the middle of telling him about us when he kissed me." i tried to explain. "Just go!" he told me. i ran back outside and to my house.      i slammed the door behind me and broke down by the door. i was crying. "who is it?!" i yelled as i heard the knock on my door. "Mikey and Ash!" they were the only ones i would let in at this time. "come in!" i shouted  between sobs. they inched through the door since i had not moved from the spot i walked in at. they sat on either side of me. they didn't say anything they just hugged me for the first two minutes. "We tried to explain,but he didn't want to listen to us. all he did was tell us practice is canceled and locked the doors." Ash explained. then Mikey spoke. "you have only been here a little more than a week and he has already hurt you. It must not be meant to be."      MICHAEL'S P.O.V.     i saw the hurt in her eyes. she really liked him. He really liked her too. I just didn't like the fact she likes a guy that has already hurt her and was a dick to her all within a week. "i feel stupid for crying about it…it wasn't my fault." She sobbed. she had her head buried into my chest as Ash and I hugged her. my shirt was almost soaked. She should be with me…not some dick. i know Luke is my best friend but…he has treated her badly. "Ash i think its time for the thing." i said to him.we always had a plan, if we ever had a girl best friend ,like we do now, and she got hurt we would have a day of ice cream and joking around. Maybe even load up on twilight. Ash smiled at me and nodded. "yeah! WE FINALY HAVE A GIRL BEST FRIEND!" he shouted. i saw Tana smile. which made me smile. "come on heart broke girl." Ash stood up and offered his hand to Tana. she took it. i stood up and was ready to prove she should be with me.     
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