wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


6. chapter 6

    the next morning i woke up with a massive headache. i don't remember anything past my mom showing up. Surprisingly there was no mess at my house. i walked into my bathroom and took a shower. i then changed into some black short shorts,white t-shirt that showed the back of a nickel (a nickel back joke), and zebra striped vans. i then did the rest of my morning routine. today i put on a black beanie.      i walked out to my living room and turned on the tv. some of the shows that were on i never heard of before. i turned it on MTV and it was the same shows as back in the U.S. 'Faking it' was on. i liked that show because the main characters pretend to be lez but they ended up falling in love with each other. they still had boyfriends and they didn't even realize they weren't just pretending to be Lez they became bisexual. a knock came on my door. i walked over to see who it was. "whats up,T?" Mikey asked me when i opened the door. "watching 'Faking it'. Come in." i told him. we walked back over to the couch. "so what are you doing here?" i asked smiling but not looking away from the television. "i got lonely and wanted to hang out. so hows Australia treating you so far?" he asked not looking away from the T.V. either. "good…all except for Luke." i informed him. "what do you mean? you don't remember much from last night do you?" he asked. i shook my head no. "never mind then." he said then we watched the show. there were times we yelled things like "bitch!" at the same time.      the episode was over and Mikey turned to me and wanted to talk about it. i was thinking that this show would be our thing now. "so they pretended to be lesbian to make a guy want her and they ended up falling in love? at the same time they are sleeping with the guy? what? doesn't that make them bi?" he asked me. i laughed and nodded. "thats crazy! i love it!" he shouted. "so you really don't remember last night?" he asked smiling. i shook my head no. "tell me what was so memorable." i told him laughing. he smiled uncontrollably then informed me of certain things. "you and Sabrina ended up…making out. you never told me you were bi." i was shocked. "i never knew i was either to be honest." i laughed to him. "maybe it was the alcohol talking for you." he blushed then continued "it was kinda hot. I'm not the only one who thinks so either. Ash,Cal,some of the guys at school, and even Luke said that just made you ten times hotter." i was getting embarrassed. "was she drunk too?" i asked. he shook his head no then explained. "She told everyone she was bi a long time ago…like year 9." i was embarrassed because i have no interest in girls what so ever. "so I'm hot only because i made out with another girl?" i asked Mikey. he laughed "no trust me everyone that i just listed off has thought you were hot since you moved here. " i looked at him crossly. "Im not bi though. i was just drunk and thats that." i laughed.      "true." He stated. wait! did he say Luke thought i was hot? "hey did you say Luke thought i was hot?" i was so confused because Luke hates me. At least he acts like it. "did i say that? whoops." he said smiling. "Do you like me?" he asked out of no where. i turned to him. he was being serious. "Nothing more than a friend so far." i told him. he got sad "so far?" he asked. i giggled. "well i haven't known you that long but so far you are one of my best friends."  he got this half smile on his face and it looked evil. "how about you kiss me and we can see if we like each other as best friends or more?" he asked. this was weird, i thought to myself that he was probably just looking for an excuse to kiss me. i shrugged my shoulders and he leaned in. we kissed. i felt nothing. i pulled away when i saw my front door open. it was Luke standing in my door way frozen with a shocked face. he must have thought it was funny to just walk in and annoy me. he turned around and walked home. "what was that about?" i asked laughing. Mikey was smiling big. "i know but i shouldn't tell you since you were just drunk last night. I won't tell you so don't ask,but did you feel anything?" he asked. i shook my head no. His face saddened.     "did you?" i asked him curiously. He blushed then lied to me "i…no." i giggled. my phone then went off breaking the awkwardness in the room. it was Ashley.  Ash: hey can me and the girls come over? i replied that they could. about ten minutes later they all showed up at the door. "hey girls!" Mikey shouted opening the door. when i told him the girls were coming over he was excited. "Tana you are one of our best friends you know that? before you came here these four guys didn't even notice our existence. Now I'm dating Ashy." Ashley exclaimed smiling. my plan worked as i could tell. Mikey was starring down Miranda as she walked into the door. "Miranda,Mikey is checking you out." i whispered to her giving her and Ashley hugs. Sabrina walked in and gave me a hug. "hey about last night, i know you were drunk so we are still best friends and i know that." she smiled and said to me. then Liz walked in and hugged me. Australians do like hugs.      "Lets play truth or dare!" Mikey shouted. we all liked that idea and we played. we played that game all day and it got pretty crazy. Mikey and miranda ended up playing seven minutes in heaven as a dare and they made out. it was getting dark. "you guys can stay the night if you want." i told them. they all thought that was cool but most of them had work tomorrow. All except Sabrina. which was cool because she was a cool person. i made her tell me what happened between Luke and I. "you guys talked for hours…you guys seemed to really like each other. you guys even kissed." she explained. i didn't believe it. Luke hates me. 
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