wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


5. chapter 5

    the next morning i was awoken by my alarm at seven in the morning. i got up and changed into black jean shorts, a black nirvana tank top that the sleeves only covered my shoulders,and black high-top converse. i then put on my bracelets. i walked into my bathroom and did my regular morning routine.      by seven thirty i was out my door and on my way to school. i parked then went to my first period class. everyone hangs out in their first periods before school starts around here. "hey babe." Cal greeted me. i smiled and he took ahold of my hand. "party at your house tonight?" he asked. i shrugged my shoulders and told him that it would probably be moved to friday. that reminded me i had to text everyone letting them know. i sent a group message telling everyone that it would be friday. "Tana!" i heard a girls voice shout. the next thing i knew,i was being hugged. whats with australians and hugging? i asked myself. it was Ashley. the tall blonde with the green eyes smiled at me. i never knew she was in this class. "whats up ashley?" i asked smiling. She pulled me away from Cal and to the back of the classroom. "i need your help. i have had a crush on Ashton for a while now…your friends with him…our two groups never talk because we are considered the strange group.Please!" i laughed at her eagerness but then remembered something. "Ash doesn't even go to school anymore. He graduated. He's 19. how did you know him before yesterday if you guys never even talked?" i asked. she got embarrassed. "they are always at starbucks the same time we are. The whole senior class usually hangs out there on sundays. its never planned it just happens. i saw Ash and he was so cute." i giggled then said i would try. the bell rang and we all rushed to our seats.      The classes went on slower than they were on friday. it was now lunch time and i was sitting with Mikey and Cal,and the girls came over too. i saw Luke walk over then went to go sit at an empty table. "Mikey what the hell is going on with Luke?" i asked taking a fork-full of salad. he shrugged. "what was it that you couldn't tell me?" i asked worried. i hated seeing people sad because of me. Even if i didn't know what i did. "ill be right back." i informed the group then walked over to Luke. "hey whats wrong?" i asked smiling. he just shook his head. "seriously tell me. there is no one else listening in." he looked at me and his face got red. "nothings fucking wrong just go back to being with your boyfriend and be the stupid american whore you are." He exclaimed. i felt my cheeks burn. "LISTEN HERE BUCKKO! I'm not a whore. i literally just lost my virginity to Cal because i was drunk. yes maybe i have only known all of you for a week now but really? Also, if you call me a stupid american again that fork you have in your hand will be in your neck. got it?" i asked then walked away. apparently my entire table was listening since we were the table right next to him. i went and sat by Cal. "you alright babe?" Cal asked. i took a deep breath then smiled. "yes i am." we finished lunch.     "Hey welcome neighbor!" i heard someone say from behind me. i jumped and turned around. "Luke?! what do you want?" i asked. He was standing at my door now. "i was just welcoming my new neighbor." he said smiling. "YOU ACT LIKE A FUCKING ASSWHOLE AT SCHOOL THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!? thats not cool." i said then unlocked my door. i walked in trying to close the door behind me but Luke pushed it open. "can you please let me explain?" Luke asked. i shook my head no then went upstairs. he followed me. "Luke i have to get ready for work." i lied. i was already wearing clothes from there so i didn't have to change or anything. he sighed then left.      i took my keys then went out to my car. i headed to work. "your job is to look around for anyone in need of help and help them." The manager had told me. it sounded like an easy job. i walked around for a bit asking people if the needed help. i was also in charge of the music playlist played through the store as long as it wasn't bad. i had created a punk playlist. the manager loved it because this is where punk-rockers go to buy their clothes. i was jamming out to some cold play when i felt a tap on my shoulder. i thought it was just another costumer. It wasn't. it was Luke. "what do you want help with sir?" i asked between clenched teeth. He smirked at me. "i need help telling the new girl she needs to be nicer to costumers." he was being a smart ass. "your not even here to buy anything." he blushed. "sure i am…this beanie." he said then picked a australian flag one. "now can you please be nice?" i wanted to say that he needed to leave me alone and he wasn't really here to buy anything but if i pissed him off while i was at work he would file a complaint and i would lose my job. "Here sir ill find someone to ring you up." i said then tried to walk off. he took ahold of my arm. "i am requesting for you to." i rolled my eyes and walked him over to the counter. "so you and Cal are not right for each other. i saw him flirting with another girl today. one of your friends actually. it was that Elizabeth girl." i didn't believe a word he said. "that will be six-50,sir." i put on a fake smile. "I even got a video." he said then pulled out his phone and showed me. i felt my heart sink. i know I've only been here less than a week but i liked Cal. "Luke do you like seeing people sad?" i asked handing him the receipt after he paid for it. He shook his head no. "i just don't like to see people hurt…even if they are New and are bitches like yourself." i was getting mad. i saw Cal walk in and up to the counter. "hey guys whats up?" he asked smiling. i wanted to break up with him but at the same time i didn't. it was obvious they were flirting because he was blushing the way he was with me. "Cal I'm at work." i said with a fake smile. He must have noticed because the next thing he said was "Babe whats wrong?" i walked over to the shirts and they followed me. "Im just sad my boyfriend is flirting with other girls." he gave me a confused look. it was fake. "Luke showed me a video of you flirting with Liz." i told him then went to folding shirts.     "yes,i flirted with Liz and I'm not mad at Luke for showing you because you deserve to know. I'm sorry. She just looked cute today." Cal explained. i wasn't mad at him. i completely understood. "I understand completely. thats why I'm not mad. Liz has never had a boyfriend or anyone flirt with her like that before. Thats why i think we should break up." i told him folding shirts still. Luke just stood there. "I understand." he replied sadly. i felt bad but Liz likes him and i can't take that away from her. i walked over to help a women get a graphic t-shirt down. i took the hook that was supposed to help me but i still couldn't reach it. Cal and Luke where laughing their asses off behind us. Luke walked over and took the hook. "why are you trying to help me if I'm such a bitch?" i asked him once we gave the lady her shirt and she walked away. "your right. you are a bitch!" he yelled then left. "Cal he has major issues." i laughed. he agreed. "your a hot bitch then." he flirted. i laughed. "what? just because we aren't dating doesn't mean i can't flirt." he was being true. i realized it was time for me to get off. i worked four hours so it was nine. "want to get a bite?" Cal asked. i shrugged my shoulders. we walked to the food court. "i am hungry…like really hungry." i said laughing. Cal drug me over to the marty's burger place and ordered us both three burgers each and french fries or 'chips' as they call them here.      we ate and then drove in our separate cars separate ways. i got home,took a shower,then went to bed. that entire week went just like that. Being hated on by Luke,watching Cal flirt with Liz and myself,Michael flirting with me, Texting Ashton trying to get him and Ashley to date,and obviously learning. Today was my day off i had this whole weekend off honestly. i got home from school(its friday),and i started to set up for a party. i called everyone i knew here and asked them to call everyone they knew. the only condition was they couldn't tell Luke. I went out to the store and bought some liquor since here the age is 18. i came back and ordered pizza. i went upstairs and changed into a short black dress. it was tube toped and went to just above mid thigh. i put some dark makeup on and by the time i was done with all of that it was dark outside. people started showing up. There was cars everywhere,people everywhere,i blasted my music super loud,and almost everyone was already drinking. the guys managed to find me and so did the girls. "Hey!" i shouted to all of them over the music. Tonight, my plan was to get Ashley and Ash together so i had a plan. "Hey Ash and Ashley can you guys go get me a drink? I'm claustrophobic and there is a lot of people in the kitchen." i asked smiling evilly. "you did that on purpose right?" Sabrina asked me. i nodded and smiled like i just gotten super powers.      i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around to see that it was Luke. "i didn't invite you." i told him mad. he had an evil grin on his face. "I live right next-door to you…people are parked at my house for YOUR party. how could i not have known? plus how could you not invite your neighbor?" i rolled my eyes and walked off. i went to the kitchen and found Ash and Ashley making out. "that was fast." i said laughing. they pulled away from each other blushing. i opened the fridge and took out some liquor. i then poured some into a red solo cup. i stood in the kitchen and chugged it down. it burnt my throat at first,but with every sip it went down smoother. i finished it and poured another one. i had chugged down about four cups and didn't notice it. "Luke showed up didn't he?" Ash asked me chuckling. i nodded. "its alright he is just being an asswhole." Ashley told me. i shrugged then poured me another drink. "TANA!" i heard a familiar voice yell. i turned around. it was my mom. "how could you have a party and not invite your own mother?" she asked me smiling. my mom was always cool. so i gave her a cup then poured me another. 
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