wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


4. chapter 4

    that night the guys went home. i showered then went to bed. The next morning i woke up around 10 A.M. i walked over to my closet and picked out an outfit. i put on a white blink 182 shirt,short blue jean shorts that looked like they had rips in them but didn't they were also folded at the ends, and white high-top converse. i also put on my bracelets i had on friday. i walked into the bathroom and did my morning routine which included, brushing my teeth, putting on makeup,straightening my short hair,and putting on my lip ring.      i walked out of my bathroom and downstairs. Cal was in my living room talking to my mom and Jerry. they were laughing. "so my stepdaughter…we just moved here thursday…you guys are already dating?" Jerry asked. He was always protective of me. He was more of a dad to me than my real father who still lived back in florida with my little 10 year old sister and my stepmom. yea i still love my father he always tried to be a part of my life. He just favors my sister than me. she is my half sister.      i stepped out of the stairway. "don't worry…he's sweet. Guys here are nicer than in America." i told jerry smiling. "I'm going to go to hang out with him and the guys for a little while if thats okay." i told them. it was more of a question than a statement. "well your mom and I were thinking…well since your gone all the time ever since we have gotten here. honestly you have better friends here than back home." he never got to his point fast but that one hurt. even if it was true. "How about…you find your own place? We will buy it,i found a high paying accounting job." i didn't know what to think i mean i just got this awesome room. "what do you mean?" i ask with mixed emotions. my mom looked at me then said "there is one house next door to that nice guy named Luke that was over here yesterday. which is only one house away from us if you ever needed anything." that was a complete sell. i didn't like that it was next to Luke but I'm within walking distance of my parents. "that would be nice! when do i move in?" i ask smiling and taking ahold of Cals hand. they smile at each other. "so your brothers can have their own rooms,how about when you get back from hanging out with your friends your stuff will be there?" this was all too soon. i didn't know what to think. so i nodded.      i am 18. i deserve my freedom right? they got all excited. i hugged them and i left with Cal. "that was sudden." Cal chuckled in the car. we were on our way to starbucks. "honestly thats about the way my parents told me. whats funny is they told me exactly one week after my 18th birthday the other month." i laughed. so its normal here. i mean all of the guys live by themselves. something must have been said to my mom by her boss or co-workers. "so who all is going to be at starbucks?" i asked him smiling. he thought for a minute "Mikey,Ashton,Me and you. i asked Luke to come but he asked the same thing and when i told him you were going to be there he backed out. He's never been like this before." i shrugged my shoulders then turned the radio up. i put my iPhone on bluetooth and hooked it up to his car. i then put on boulevard of broken dreams. we both knew all of the lyrics and we sung the entire way. when we pulled up to starbucks we stayed in the car until it was over.      "Mikey!" i shouted then hugged him. "ASH!" i ran up and hugged him. it was like we have been best friends forever and not three days like its been. we walked in and my new friends from the party were there. "Hey Sabrina and the girls!" I shouted. we all walked over to them. they were starring at Ash,Cal,and Mikey. i was honestly kind of jealous they were starring at Calum. "hey house warming party at my place tomorrow night? Just bought myself a house." i asked them. they all got wide eyed. "SOUNDS AMAZING!" they all shouted. "so Cal what are we doing today?" i asked sweetly. he thought for a second. "hope you brought your credit card. we are going shopping. TO THE MALL!" he shouted. i laughed at him. "Cal we came to get coffee." Ash reminded him laughing. Cal yelled "THEN TO THE COUNTER!" Mikey and i were laughing really hard. we walked up to the counter. "one mocha frapé for me please." i ordered my drink. the others ordered theirs. after that we all got into our cars and went to the mall,including the girls.      when we got to the mall, we piggy back raced through the mall to Aeropostel. i was on Cals back, Sabrina was on Ashtons back, Ashley was on Mikey's back, and Miranda was on elizabeths back. "ready.set.go!" i shouted and we were off. racing all the way to Aero. Ashton and Sabrina won. Liz and Maranda fell down. the rest of us were slow. At Aero i bought a couple beanie hats but that was it. we then decided it was time to go to wet seal. i saw that they were hiring. i would need a job for food and other stuff in my house. so i put in my application. we were walking around the mall for quiet a while. "do they have a Make out corner at Malls in America?" Cal asked me. i shook my head no. i was wondering what that was. "guys we will be right back." Cal told the others then took my hand to lead me into a dark store in the mall. i found out quick it wasn't a store. there was couches everywhere in the small room. there was couples left and right. we stopped in a corner and Cal turned to face me. he put my hands on his shoulders then grabbed my waist. he leaned in. yes we ended up making out. i guess the mall here got tired of couples doing it in front of kids so they made a room. while we were making out my phone rang. it was unknown. "hello?" i answered. there was a very happy Australian girl on the phone. "hi we just saw your application and we need help as soon as tomorrow evening. can you come in for an interview right now?" that was fast. i smiled big and told Cal i had to go to an interview. i walked over to wet seal and the manager was waiting.      she was tall and blonde. she had blue eyes. "Hi I'm Tana the applicant." i shook her hand and we went back to the managers room. "your American i see? and you moved here thursday?" she asked and i nodded. "it says here on the reason why you want to work here is because your parents asked you to move into a house of your own today and your looking for a job?" i nodded then added that i love wet seal and most of my clothes were from here anyways. "well congratulations. it would be really cool to have an american work here. can you come in tomorrow at five?" she asked. i smiled widely and nodded. she smiled then let me go. i ran out to the store part where Cal was waiting for me. "i got the job!" i shouted. he congratulated me and kissed me.      we all got tired and decided to go home later that day. around five is when we decided that. Cal pulled up to my new house. i was alone. "i can go in with you babe." i shook my head no and told him i would enjoy running around my own house by myself for the first night. my car was in the driveway. i walked into the house and it was already furnished. there was a note on the flat screen tv in the living room. it read 'enjoy our late birthday present to you. the house was furnished by my boss. love you have a great night.' it was signed from my mom. i smiled. this house was just like the one my mom lives in. two stories but the inside is set up a little different. i locked the front door. i started to look around. my band posters were hung up around my living room. i walked down the downstairs hallway. there was a room with my band equipment in it. next to that was a guest room, next to that was a bathroom. i walked upstairs and found the master bedroom straight back. it had a master bath. i then saw two other rooms in that hall which would be guest rooms too. all the rooms were furnished. i walked into the master bedroom and plopped on the bed.      after lying there for a couple minutes i realized i had school the next morning and would have to take a shower tonight. i walked into the master bath and took a shower then brushed my teeth. after drying my hair i walked into the large walk in closet and found that all of my stuff was unpacked. i found my sweatpants and a tank top. i also put on my undergarments(bra, panties the usual). i turned on my television and went to sleep. 
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