wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


3. chapter 3.

    the next morning i woke up in a bed,next to Calum. apparently we found our way back to his house that night. i pulled the blanket off of me. i was naked. i was so mad at myself right then. i wanted to remember losing my virginity. i didn't want to lose it to someone i had only known for a day. Cal was sweet so at least he had that. I felt the bed move and it was Calum turning over to face me. "did we…?" i asked. He blushed and nodded. i felt so embarrassed. "its okay…you were pretty drunk i understand." he informed me blushing. "you weren't?" i asked. he shook his head no. this was so embarrassing. i felt like a total whore. "i feel like a whore i mean i have only known you a day and i decided to give my virginity up to you." he shook his head at me. "your not a whore," he stated then continued "i really like you,and you were drunk last night. i totally understand." i smiled. then got up and got dressed. "well i don't feel like going home to my mom yelling at me right now for being gone all night." i told him laughing as he was getting dressed and i sat on his bed. the good thing was is he had an extra tooth brush and i had my makeup in my backpack. i did everything there.      "we could go hang out with Mikey and Ash at MIkey's house." he told me. i liked that idea. "so i know we have only known each other for a day but…we already know a lot about each other and i really like you. this might be to soon but would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked sweetly. "yea…i like you a lot to." i told him and he smiled brightly. "Mikey is going to be jelouse though because he has a crush on you." Calum informed. i laughed and he held my hand as we walked out to the car. first second day here and i already have a boyfriend? god do i love Australia.      we drove over to Michaels house. there was three cars already parked in the driveway. "Does Mikey live by himself?" i ask Cal. He nodded. "thats Luke's car." Nope. As soon as he said Luke i stopped dead in my tracks. "No i think i should just go home." i said turning around letting go of Calum's hand. he took ahold of my hand again and said "I'm not going in if your not but we are friends with Mikey. No one is forcing you to talk to Luke." i sighed then went to the door. he knocked on the door and Luke answered. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" he shouted then slammed the door on our faces. "whats that all about?" I asked. i had no idea why he was being such a dick when I've only been here two days, how could anyone hate me already? Cal looked at me confused as well. we knocked again and Mikey opened the door. "sorry about Luke. He's just…angry that Cal is dating you." i rolled my eyes and we walked in. Cal lead me to the couch. "we were just playing a little game of truth or dare." Ashton informed us smiling. we all sat on the floor in a circle with the truth or dare cards in the middle next to the pizza. whats with australians and pizza? "you can go first Cal." Ash said then handed the box of cards over to Cal. he pulled out a dare card and gave it to Ash. "is a girl or guy to your right?A girl obviously. if a girl is to your right, then you and her have to Make-out for 10 seconds." There was a chorus of 'oooooh's' coming from Michael and Ashton. Cal was blushing. Cal leaned over and kissed me. we made out for 10 seconds. when we pulled away, Luke was gone. Me and Cal looked confused. Michael and Ashton didn't.     "what do you know that we don't?" i asked them. they looked at each other then back at us. "we can't tell you." they managed to say at the same time. i looked at them crossly. they got very defensive. "he just doesn't like you." Ash told me. i have only been here one week. how could he hate me when he has only known about my existence yesterday. "how could anyone here hate me? I've only been here a day and a half now." i asked trying to understand all of this. "He just does." Michael said bluntly. i shrugged and went back to the game. Cal chose me. i picked a dare. Cal took the card then read it.     the rest of the game went on. after we went through all of the cards getting to know each other and doing crazy dares, we watched the conjuring. when the movie finished my mom had called me. "Hey midget where are you?" she asked sounding happy. it was like she didn't even care i was gone. i answered "I'm at my new friends house i thought you would be mad that i was gone all night." it almost sounded like she was laughing for a second. "hun, your 18,we live in Australia,here 18 is the drinking age. hell you could move out if you wanted to." she replied. i laughed. "you have fun baby girl bring your friend over if you want! oh your new guitar,drums, and drum box is here it showed this morning. i ordered it last night." she told me. i got a huge grin on my face. i hung up the phone and screamed like Blink 182 was standing in front of me. "what happened?" they all managed to ask at the same time. "we have to drive back to Cal's house to get my car,and then we will all go over to my house." i told them. they all shrugged and we all took Cal's car to his house then switched to my car after taking my backpack from his house.      we started to drive back to my house. when we got there my mom was in the kitchen cooking spaghetti, aka my favorite. "hey mom this is Calum,Ashton,and Michael." i introduced them. "Nice to meet you ma'am." Calum said politely holding his hand out for a handshake. she took the offer. the other guys did the same thing. "we were going to go up to my room is my stuff in there?" i asked my mom. She nodded smiling. i thanked her then had the guys follow me up to my room. they walked in and i watched their faces light up.     "you really are a punk-rock fan!" Mikey shouted. Ashton closed the door behind us. My room was pretty big. "whats that over there?" Ashton asked. i smiled at the giant drum set and two boxes next three big boxes next to it. Ashton ran over and sat down at the drums. "You know how i told you i was in a band? well I'm in a band with Ashton,Michael,and Luke. we are a punk rock band." Cal said laughing at Ashton who had a look on his face that reminded me of a kid at a candy shop. "this is one of the nicest drum sets i have ever seen! i didn't know you play!" Ash shouted. i laughed at him. i then walked over and opened up the other boxes. one was an electric guitar,another was an acoustic, and then the drum box with all of the equipment. i had never had one before so i would have to ask ashton to help me set it up.      "No one gets to play my drums before i do!" i joke then walk over pushing him off. i sat down and started to drum. they were jamming out hardcore as i did my thing. i wasn't good,so they had to be faking for me. "your really good." Ash said. i didn't believe him but thanked him anyways. "do you think i could get help setting this thing up? I've never used one." i asked. He smiled at me and i walked over to the box with him. he showed me how to change the two types of drums on it. "well let me here you guys play!" i exclaimed. they looked at each other then said "Luke isn't here and we don't perform without him so no." Ashton told me. i rolled my eyes.      I heard someone knock on the front door. "who is it?!" i yelled to my mom holding open my door. "Your friend Luke I'm sending him up!" she yelled back. "HE IS NOT MY FRIEND!" i shouted. "TO LATE HE'S COMING UP NOW!" she yelled back. i saw him heading up the stairs so i slammed my door and locked it. "whats going on?" Mikey asked laughing. Luke was knocking on the door. "please let me in…i want to apologize." he asked politely. i was rolling around laughing on the floor. Cal walked to the door. "NO! Don't open it." i demanded Cal. he laughed at me and opened the door. Luke walked in and they shut it again. "How the hell did you find where i live?" i asked him with an attitude. He chuckled then explained "i drove back to Mikey's house and no one was there so, i drove to Cal's house, his car was there and not yours so when no one answered the door i figured everyone was over here. Plus i live right next door." thats great. the guy who hates me lives right next door. "so you just invite yourself over?" i ask rudely. "well i wanted to apologize for acting like such a dick." i rolled my eyes as he talked. "yea nothing says welcome to our country than calling me a stupid american." i replied back. he came and sat down next to me on my bed with cal on my other side. Mikey was on the floor and Ash was sitting at my drums. "they told me you hated me." i explained. Luke started to blush. "I don't hate you. i told them to tell you that because your with Cal. they were covering a lie for me." i was so confused. "i was just mad my girlfriend cheated on me…i took it out on you. i apologize. so can we be friends?" i thought about it for a second. i looked over at Cal who was staring at me waiting for the answer. i sighed then nodded. Luke gave me a hug. it was quite a long hug. "you can let go now Luke." i told him. he stopped hugging me right then. "sorry." he was embarrassed.      "now to hear you guys play." i smiled at all of them. they ran over to my stuff. they started playing a song by green day. it was american idiot. "you guys are really good." i told them as they finished the song. i could hear my mom shout from downstairs "woohoo!" we all laughed at her. "Cal says you have some skills with the guitar and vocals." Luke said. i shook my head no. "STOP LYING!YOU…lier!" Cal shouted and i laughed at his loss of words. they all chanted my name and i was blushing. it was like we were best friends but i had just moved here. i walked over to the electric guitar and picked it up. "i also play the drums obviously." i told them. they told me to stop stalling. i then started to play a little guitar solo. then i switched to a acoustic and took my karaoke machine microphone(the boss bought it for me when she heard i loved music. thats what the guys were using earlier they were sharing it on one stand) i started singing the song hero. "i can be your hero baby…i can take away your pain…you can take my breath away." i sung the whole song nervous. when i finished they all cheered for me. "stop pretending!" i yelled jokingly. i know i wasn't good at all. "your really talented babe!" said Cal then he kissed my cheek. Luke then left the room.     "whats his problem?" i ask. Cal shrugged his shoulders but the other two sat in silence. I stood up and walked out my room door then listened in to hear where he was. knowing my mom if he would have tried to leave she would ask what was wrong. i heard my little brothers talking to someone in their room across the hall. i walk in their room. Luke. thats who they were talking to. "whats wrong with you?" i asked kneeling down next to him as he played Grand theft auto with my brothers. he stayed silent. "we can tell you!" Ethan shouted. Luke shot him a dirty look as a joke because of the half smile on his face. "He-" Dakota started to say but Luke started to cover his mouth and they started laughing. that made Luke look so adorable, the way he deals with kids. "Never mind we won't tell you." Ethan said. Luke stood up and we walked back to my room in silence. right when we stepped in the room my mom shouted "DINNER!! TANA I MADE ENOUGH FOR YOUR FRIENDS TOO!" I seen all of their eyes light up like christmas trees. "come on guys!" i shouted. they all jumped up. Cal took ahold of my hand. my brothers were walking behind me and Cal. "she already got a boyfriend?we just moved in here." i heard Ethan whisper. as we walked down the stairs i heard my other brother whisper "whore. thats probably where she was all night." we got into the dinning room and the table had an extensor. i noticed my stepdad was gone. "where's jerry?" i asked. my brothers jumped into their seat and managed to say at the same time "yea where is dad?" my mom smiled and informed us that he was out job hunting and wouldn't be back until late that night. that means i can be myself around Cal.      i sat next to Cal by the end of the table,Mikey next to him,Ash next to him and Ethan next to him. on the other side of the table, in front of me was Luke,then my mom,then Dakota. "dig in!" my mom exclaimed smiling. "my mom is an amazing cook. especially when it comes to spaghetti,my favorite food." i told them taking the giant spoon and putting it in my bowl then i added the home made meat sauce. everyone got huge bowls of it. "so Tana, do you have any friends that are…girls?" my mom asked. i nodded. "I'm happy for you. let me guess these are your new 'best friends' because they like punk?" she asked like it was obvious. i corrected her "mom. these were the first people to talk to me and they have almost the same personalities as me." she laughed then i continued, "plus one of them is a little more than a best friend." she laughed. "Tana its only been one day. they could all be murderer's" i laughed at her comment. then asked sarcastically to the guys "are you murderer's?" they all laughed and shook their heads.      we started to finish up dinner. i was done but Cal had one noodle left in his bowl. "Tana, have you ever seen the movie the lady and the tramp?" Cal asked being such a cheese cake at the moment.  i nodded blushing. he put one side in his mouth and handed me the other. i put it in my mouth. we started eating it until we kissed. then the kiss turned into a make out. the entire time we were making out i heard everyone including my mom say things like "Cal your such a cheese cake." we pulled away and i looked at everyone blushing. Cal was blushing as well. i looked over at Luke who looked sad and mad at the same time. i was so confused. we put the dishes in the dishwasher, then went back up stairs. "Tana I'm sorry but i can't be around you as long as your with Cal." Luke had stopped me from entering my room. "why?" i asked rudely. he looked at me with sadness in his eyes "i can't tell you but thank you for letting me stay over while i could. goodbye." He said then left. i slowly walked into the room trying to figure out why he would want to apologize earlier if he was just going to say that now. "what was that about?" Ash asked. i shrugged my shoulders then walked over to my drum set. "wanna be in the band?" Mikey asked. i laughed "wouldn't Luke be pissed?" i asked. they shook their heads no. i smiled big then yelled. "COUNT ME IN!" 
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