wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


2. chapter 2

    my mom woke us up at seven a.m. "my boss enrolled you guys in school yesterday. so get ready for school. keep in mind there is no dress code." she smiled at me then left. i slowly got out of bed and walked over to my unpacked suitcase. i took out my skater skirt,white green day american idiot tank top, and my white high-top converse with black palm trees on them. i then straightened my hair,put makeup on, and brushed my teeth. i then put on my red and black beanie over my short hair that was barely touching my shoulders and had a kind of justin bieber hair thing going on with my bangs. it looked really good and matched my punk rock-stlye. i put on my green day,blink 182,and nirvana bracelets on. i smiled at myself in the mirror. "hurry up!" my mom yelled at my brothers as they left through the front door. "here are your keys. your schools address is in your GPS and when you get there go to the office and tell them your supposed to see the principle." Jerry told me handing me my keys. i thanked him and gave him a hug. i then took my backpack that only had my laptop in it and left for the school. i followed the GPS and it turned out i only lived five minutes from the school. i found an empty parking spot and parked there.         i found my way to the office because of signs. "i was told to see the principal." i informed the receptionist. she was an old lady. She grinned really big. "you must be the new student from america! right this way!" she exclaimed. i loved her accent. i guess i have to get used to it because this is Australia. i followed her to a black door. she opened the door and i went in. the principal was tall and had long blonde hair and green eyes. she looked to be about 30 years old. "I'm the new student from america." i explained. she smiled up at me. "I'm Mrs. Green and i love your accent by the way." she told me. i didn't know what accent she was talking about until i remembered here i have a american accent. "i love yours too." i told her and she smiled. she shook my hand. "well your Tanahala Hughes?" i nodded to her question. "i go by Tana for short." i informed. she handed me my schedule. "since you are 10 minutes early i will show you around." she told me then held the door open.      first she showed me my locker,then showed me all nine of my classes. i am a senior so i will be taking senior classes just like in the U.S. as we walked around i was being starred at by everyone. the bell had rung and she walked me to my first period,which was literature. she stood with me in front of the class. "Class, this is our new student Tanahala Hughes or Tana for short. She is from The United States of America. she doesn't know anyone here because she just moved in last night so i may ask you to be polite and welcome her to our country." she said then left. The whole class was starring at me. the old man teacher came up to me and told me to sit at a desk next to a tan kid with puffy cheeks and had Asian featured eyes. he wasn't asian though. you would be able to tell. i walked through the isle to the desk. then he started to speak. The kid next to me with the Asian like eyes who wasn't bad looking at all leaned over to whisper. "America? Cool! I'm Calum. Calum Hood. Welcome to Australia!." he was so nice. and his Australian accent was just the same as everyone else here,I loved it. i thanked him. "Love your accent!" he told me. i laughed and thanked him. "you like green day?" he asked smiling widely. i nodded. he looked at my bracelets then asked "your punk-rock aren't you?" i nodded blushing. "so are me and my group of friends." he informed me. i smiled at him because no one at my old school was punk or even liked punk music. The teacher then stated "well thats the lesson for today. go ahead and talk amongst of yourself. feel free to move the desks if needed." the etcher seemed pretty laid back. Calum scooted his desk over to mine then asked like a third grader "want to be friends?" i laughed and nodded. "okay cool. you wanna hang out after school at my house?"  he asked smiling. i nodded.      the bell rang and i went to my next class. i had to introduce myself in every class that day. finally lunch came and i had just got a salad and a slice of pizza. i didn't know where to sit because i didn't know anyone and only two people talked to me today and neither of them were in the cafeteria yet. i found an empty table and sat down at it. i was only alone for a couple of seconds though because Calum walked up and sat down with me. "hows the new students day going so far?" he asked me taking a bite out of his pizza. "okay i guess only you and one other person have talked to me." i informed him. then i saw the only other person that has talked to me today sit down. "this is him." i told Calum. "Oh Michael? yea he was one of the friends i was telling you about." He told me. i laughed at the coincidence. then the guy with the blonde hair that was cut very messily and the puffy brown eyes spoke "Nice to know I'm remembered." i laughed. "I am kidding. I'm very surprised a American would want to come live here." he told me. i told him i have always dreamed of livening here. he thought i was crazy. "I'm surprised she likes punk-rock." Calum said smiling. i saw Michael eye-balling my pizza. "are you not going to eat that?" he laughed. i shook my head no and let him take it. "thats his favorite." Calum informed me. A tall blonde with spiked hair in the front(made it look like waves) and short in the back, blue-green eyes,and a nice body walked up and sat down with us. he was wearing a red bro tank with jeans and red vans. "who the fuck told you you could sit here?" he asked rudely. i looked at him mad. "Actually i was sitting here and Calum and Michael came to sit with me." i said trying to be polite. i could already tell we weren't going to get along. Calum leaned over to whisper "him and his girlfriend Kelly must have been arguing because they aren't sitting together." i nodded like i understood. i still wasn't going to let him talk to me like that. "She isn't my girlfriend anymore!" he shouted. "Jeeze Luke calm down. what happened?" Michael asked him. so his name is Luke. he then took a deep breath then explained "Kelly cheated on me with some soccer player. i fucking hate those popular jock types. they always steals the girls." he angrily took a bite of his pizza. He was good looking,but i wanted to laugh because it looked a little goofy. "She was a total slut anyways." Calum told him. i couldn't even join in this conversation because i didn't know anything because I've only been here for a day. "I don't know much about this girl but if she cheated then she don't like you that much." i told them trying to be involved. Luke just gave me a discussed look and said "your american. what the fuck do you know?" my face was burning red. Calum jumped in "she is actually a very smart girl. That was very rude, Luke. is this your way of welcoming new students? because its fucking rude." Luke just sat there red faced. we all ate and talked about music while Luke sat there mad.      the rest of the day went by fast. i had met up with Calum in the parking lot and i followed him to his house. He had his own house so i didn't have to be awkward and meet his parents. he had a pretty normal sized house. we sat in his living room. i noticed he had a guitar. "you play guitar?" i asked waling over to it. "yea and i sing…see I'm kind of in a band." he sounded like he was trying to impress me. "may i?" i asked taking ahold of the neck of it. he nodded and i walked it over to the couch where he was sitting. i started playing one of my favorite all time low songs called 'jazzy rae'. he must have realized the music because we both started to sing at the same time. he had a really good voice. i stopped singing because i was terrible. "why stop?" he asked me with a confused look on his face. i replied with "I'm terrible and your really good." he shook his head no. like i was wrong. "your amazing.you should really show up to band practice one day." He invited me. i blushed. He was so sweet. if i didn't know any better i would say i liked him.     we just hung around singing and listening to music. he had most of the same CD's i had. "i just got a text from Michael. Luke is throwing a party since its friday i say we should go." he told me. "Luke? the rude guy? i don't know if i should." i answered. he texted something back to Michael and then his phone went off with another text message. this one he showed me. it was Michael. he said 'but i really want her to come. she can meet new people…hang out with me…try to get her to come.' i laughed and picked up my backpack. "Lets go." i said then texted my mom telling her i would be gone for most of the night. then we got into his car and left to Luke's house.      when we pulled up to the house, it was like we were in a teen movie. there was teen's everywhere on the lawn, in the house, on the balconies. they were holding red solo cups. there was loud music and lights. i realized he was my neighbor. Cal parked and we walked up to the house to find Michael. Calum told me he could call him Cal and Michael, Mikey. we found Mikey inside talking to a tall guy that had blonde hair that was turning dark blonde like my hair. we walked up to them. "TANA! CAL! glad you guys came!" he shouted hugging us. then he introduced the guy to me. the guy had really cute dimples. "Tana, this is Ashton but you can call him Ash. Ash, this is Tana the new girl from America." i said hi to Ash then we all got into a good conversation about what its Like in America and getting to know each other. we all became pretty good friends right then. A couple minutes later, Luke walked up. i instantly turned around and went to go get me a drink. i had some vodka. i walked over to a group of blonde girls and introduced myself. they seemed to welcome me. "Hey your really pretty. I'm Sabrina,this is Ashley, Miranda,and elizabeth but you can call her Liz. want to be friends?" the tall blonde one asked. i nodded. they were really pretty and seemed really cool. we all talked and got to know each other. i finished the cup that was in my hand then went back for another with the girls. i was getting pretty wasted after my fourth trip, we all were. Calum walked up to me Later on and he was being super sweet. the rest of that night i could not remember.
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