wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


11. chapter 11

    i woke up and changed into my short jean shorts and a nirvana crop top. i put on my black vans and my bracelets. i went into the bathroom and did my makeup, hair, brushed my teeth and put on my lip ring. I then took a package of  s'mores pop tart's because for the first time i was actually hungry in the morning. "knock knock!" Luke smiled at me when i opened my front door. "We are carpooling to school today." He told me then walked me to his car.      when we got to school, people stared at us as we walked down the hallway. We got to my first period and we walked into it. "you don't have to hang out with me here." i laughed. He rolled his eyes and took ahold of my hand. "we have half an hour before class begins." he informed me. i never realized we were here this early. i sat on top of a desk by Cal's desk, who wasn't even here yet, and Luke sat next to me. Ashley walked into class and spotted us. "you guys are together now?" She asked shocked. we blushed. "I thought you guys hated each other." i shook my head at her. "where you not at lunch yesterday?" Luke laughed. She nodded. "Plus you have some nerve talking to me. you cheated on my best friend." Luke said harshly i elbowed him hinting for him to stop. "Thats okay because half of the time we were supposed to practice he was on the phone with a girl he graduated with. I heard they are meeting for lunch." Luke bragged. i could see the hurt on Ashley's face. " He moved on that fast? wow. Luke do you like hurting people?" She asked. Luke shook his head "do you? I am only being rude because you hurt my best friend." Luke explained. "Your right. you know before she got here, you were fun and had a hyper personality even with you being punk rock. i think this is the first time I've seen you smile and it not being to hurt someone since she has gotten here. Then this bitch came here and you were an ass to everyone including her." Someone i actually thought was my friend called me a bitch.      "im a bitch?! really Ashley? i thought we were friends?" i retorhicaly asked. Ashley looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Honestly I'm only friends with you because i knew that if i hung out with you the guys would be around. They are always hanging out with you. now that I've gotten Ashton,my crush, and cheated on him then I'm done with being your friend. You deserve to know the truth." She explained. i was hurt. I've never been used before. "so,were the other girls just using me too?" i asked. She shook her head "No." i looked at her crossly then demanded "prove it." She rolled her eyes. "i recorded our conversation to use it against them if they ever tried to say they were just using you too." she told me to listen to the recording.      "she's like really pretty.She seems nice." i heard Liz say muffled from the party. "I know it would be cool to even be friends with her. She's american." I heard what sounded like Miranda's voice. "Look you guys can be friends with her but I'm gonna try and use her to get to Ashton." Ashley said. then Sabrina said "I understand they are our crush's but i can't i would never use her. Even if the boys are crushing on her." Ashley spoke rudely "your only saying that because Luke hates her so far. You have a crush on Luke." they all denied it.      "Now you have proof." She said then went to sit down. "Now you see why i never liked your friends?" Luke half smiled. i nodded. Cal walked in. "its the couple!" Cal shouted happily. we laughed at him. "You know this is the first time Luke has smiled since you got here. Shows this is what he wanted all along." Cal joked. "whats up with ashley?" he asked. "She's being a bitchy whore." i answered laughing. hopefully she would hear me. She did. i could tell because she turned around in her desk. "Doesn't surprise me to what she did to Ash." the teacher walked in the room. he was five minutes early. "Mr.Hemmings you don't have my class until after Lunch." He said. Luke stood up. "walk with me." He told me and Cal. we left our stuff in the room and walked with Luke. we walked super slow. "So i just got out of a meeting with the principal. She was going to meet with the whole band but she caught me at the door and didn't know if you all were here so she told me to spread the news around. The school is having a talent show. She wants us to perform in it because she saw our concert at the mall." Cal explained. Luke got super excited. "My week just keeps getting better and better." Luke said smiling down at me. i was short compared to him. I gave him a hug. "well because chatter box we only have two minutes until the bell." Luke stated. i started to walk back with Cal but Luke took ahold of my hand. "not without this." He mumbled smiling. it was cute mixed in with his accent. he put right hand on my waist and his left hand on my cheek then kissed me. "Im going to be Late." i blushed. Luke let me go and i caught up with Cal. "No PDA!" Cal joked and when we walked into class the bell rang. we just made it. "Their is no 'PDA' rule here. read the handbook." i was being a smart ass. the only reason he said that was because i told him i haven't seen so many kids making out in the halls back in the United States because there was a 'no PDA' tolerance. Here they don't care.      At lunch, we decided to tell Mikey about the talent show. he was super excited. "I'm glad to have all of our best friends that are still in school at this table again." Mikey smiled. the girls refused to sit here anymore,because of what Cal did to Liz. "why don't you like Liz anymore?" I asked Cal. Luke looked at me funny. "My mom is crushing on Cal?" Luke joked. "No. Elizabeth, as in my friend." i laughed. "so when is the talent show?" Luke asked. Cal smiled and said "friday." thats great,more nights coming home from work and having to hear them play music until midnight. "do you want to come to band practice?" Luke asked me smiling."i have work." i told him. "well isn't Cal moving in with you so you don't have to work and his parents don't have to pay rent for him?" Mikey asked. Luke looked at me like i was weird. "you never told me Cal was moving in." Luke stated. i shrugged my shoulders. "All of thats behind us now. So its not like anythings going to happen." i told him. that made him smile. "Oh and I know the first song we can perform at the talent show." Cal informed us as if he hadn't been listening to a word we just said. Luke asked what song that would be. "Since you two are together now i think it would be cool if you finally showed her the song you wrote about her the day of your party when she first came here. you know the one you ran off to write after she walked off at the sight of you." at the end Cal laughed. Luke's eyes widened and a big smile came across his face. "yea after these guys and Ash told me they wanted to take you home with them i went and wrote it." Luke explained.     After school Luke drove me home. "I'm going to get ready for work." i told them when he stopped me at my door. "you can quite like Mikey said." He said following me into my house. "This is my last week. I'm going to finish this week off,then ill quite." i told him. he sighed. "Fine." i giggled. He pulled me closer to him and Kissed me. then he left. I went to my car and drove to work. After i clocked in i went to rearrange the jeans. "Tana!" Kitty yelled walking up to me. "So Ashton and i had lunch together today,and he didn't exactly like me. I totally understand though." She didn't seem too crushed about it. Right then my phone rang. It was my friend from Florida. "whats up Krista?" i asked smiling. then i remembered i was at work. "Hold that thought I'm at work can i call you when i get home?" She agreed and let me go back to work.      after work,which went by super slow, i drove home. I was tired. when i got to my house i slowly walked up the stairs and to my room. "hey whats up?" i asked calling Krista back. it was nice to hear another american accent after a while. "I have some news for you!" she shouted almost squealing. "I turned 18 in december right? well i thought it would be fun to move to Australia with you. why not have a college experience that i will remember. Im moving over there!" i was so happy. i couldn't even speak. i missed my old friends. "It would be nice to have another american around. All these Aussies and their accents make me miss the U.S." i joked to her. she said she had to go because her plane was fixing to be there. "wait today?" i asked. "yes. I was wondering if i could stay with you for a while until i find my own place." i told her that Cal is moving in this weekend but she was more than welcome. i took a shower then went to bed.    __________------- Authors Note.      hey sorry this chapter was a little boring,but Ashley though! i need idea's for drama to go on. The reason i brought my friend in is because she is my friend from school and she asked. Actually I'm going to bring in two more friends after this their names are Karma and Cole. Karma will come and be from England and i knew her because of a disney trip and Cole is my best friend. ~tana x
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