wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


10. chapter 10

    All weekend i practically just stood around playing guitar. Trying to get my mind straight. This morning i woke up not ready for the week at all. I put on some skinny jeans and a purple blink 182 shirt. i put on my purple vans then went to the bathroom to do the rest of my routine. i took my backpack then left,after doing my routine.      i walked into first period and sat down at my desk without saying a word to anyone. today i just didn't wake up in a good mood. "whats wrong?" Cal asked putting his hand on my back. I explained it was just a mood. sometimes people wake up in the morning and are not in a good mood. "Well I'm glad.Oh you know Liz? We did stuff last night. She isn't the good girl she puts off to be." Cal laughed. i couldn't believe it. She was a sweetheart. "wow." i said then the bell rang.      At lunch i went and sat with the guys as usual. "Hey Cal bear." Liz walked up behind cal and greeted. Cal rolled his eyes. "What?" he asked rudely. "I was just coming to sit by you." she said smiling,then kissed him on the cheek. "stop being annoying! god i get it we fucked but you don't have to be so clingy its not like we are dating or will ever date." He honestly could have put it nicer but she has been following him around all day. i could see it was getting annoying. "Jeez Cal you don't have to be such a dick. she's never had a boyfriend before let alone kiss and let alone fuck a guy so…calm yourself mate." Ashley said. The girls got up and left. "Tana your welcome to come sit with us but they can't come." Sabrina shouted to me. i wasn't going to move. Cal and the guys are better friends than them. thats why the guys are my best friends and they're just my friends. "your not going to eat your pizza right?" Mikey asked smiling. i laughed and gave it to him. Him and his pizza. "so i was thinking party this weekend at Ashtons Lake house. i mean it is the last week before school graduation. I mean like next week is our last week of school." Mikey told us. "I can't this weekend i have to work." i told them. "maybe next weekend because its the last week." i was telling the truth. yes,i came here three weeks before the end of my senior year,its not like i had a choice.      "so we will have a party next weekend to set off the summer. Maybe stay there all week. Tana you own the house i mean…i rent and i don't work." Cal chuckled. i smiled at him. "then how do you get your money for rent and food smart one?" He rolled his eyes "my parents pay the rent and my parents give me money for food. you know if you ever wanted to i could move in with you so you don't need a job and you will have food. Also my parents wouldn't have to pay rent." He pretty much was asking to move in with me. "sure…i have a big house and no one to share it with. be my guest." i told him. He smiled super big. "i wasn't expecting a yes but WOHOOO!" i laughed at him. "so move in your stuff this weekend while I'm at work." i told him.      for about three minutes after that,I felt Lukes stare like he wanted to kill me. i looked over at him and stuck my tongue out like a three year old. I looked back at Cal. "Mikey! i did not say you could have my pizza!" Cal joked with Mikey as Mikey stole his pizza. i Laughed at them. while i was laughing i felt a tap on my shoulder. "Stand up." Luke demanded. i was confused but i slowly stood up. Luke put his hand on my cheek then leaned in. Next thing i knew our lips were smashed together. then we made the kiss more serious. i couldn't pull away. i wanted to but couldn't. He finally did after the whole cafeteria was looking at us. "what the fuck?!" i yelled as the whole cafeteria stared. "you can't just be a total dick to me one moment and kiss me the next! what the fuck is wrong with you? I'm not some toy you mess with!" i shouted. He was turning red "you didnt pull away." he whispered to me. i laughed in his face. i honestly couldn't control myself. "So! i couldn't pull away." i told him. "you can't control it either can you?" he asked half smiling. I rolled my eyes at first then realized he said 'either'. "i love you. i don't know why or how but i do. i can't control it and it scares me. i can see you haven't realized it yet." Luke caught me off guard. He loved me? I've only been here three weeks. "Luke i have only been here three  weeks. how could you Love me?" i asked. I was getting Embarrassed because the whole senior class was in the cafeteria and watching. "Thats exactly why i can't explain it. Your beautiful. i love your personality,your hair,your a punk rocker, your talented, your nice but can stick up for yourself, you have the same style as me,the same lip ring as me. you don't feel the same way about me though?" by now i was really embarrassed. i took my backpack and dumped my tray. i walked to my next class, trying to figure out what happened and why it happened back there.      'I can't control it and it scares me' and 'you can't control it either' his words ran circles through my head. what did he mean? also 'you haven't realized it yet' i was trying to figure all of this out when other students piled into the classroom.      I went home after school and got ready for work. i was still trying to figure everything out and pretty soon i wouldn't have to work anymore. "Pay day!" Kitty shouted as i walked into work. She handed me my check. he is the assistant manager and is 19 who is a good friend. "Thank you." i smiled and snatched it out of his hands. then went to clock in. I started rearranging the boots. "whats wrong?" Kitty asked me. i sighed and told her the whole thing. "Woah! Luke has it bad." she said helping me. "yeah but i don't know what 'it' is." i sighed. "don't you like him?" she asked smiling. "yeah but he's just messing with me." i explained. "i don't think so." she said in sing-song,then walked away. "Tana!" Luke shouted walking up to me. he started helping with the boots. "what do you want Luke?" i asked annoyed. "you." he answered in a low mumble. "what?" i asked. "go out with me." he told me. "no." i shook my head blushing. why was i blushing? "go out with me." "No." i was blushing harder. "go out with me…please."     i laughed. if i was blushing then it must mean deep down somewhere i like him. "fine." i gave in smiling. "by go out i mean be my girlfrie-" i cut Luke who had a huge grin on his face to say "yea i know." he kissed me on the cheek then said he had to leave for band practice. right then Ashley walked in. My friends do like to show up at my job don't they? i thought to myself. she was crying. "Ashton broke up with me." she said in between sobs. "what happened?" i asked hugging her. "He found out i cheated on him with someone on the soccer team. Jake to be exact. He called me a worthless whore and told me to leave." I really couldn't feel bad for her because i hate cheaters. "probably shouldn't have cheated on him but i am sorry to hear that." i told her. i told her she should probably leave so i wouldn't get into trouble. right then Kitty skipped over. "i over heard that Ashton is single?" Kitty smiled. i nodded. "I've liked that kid since grade school." i laughed because she was always so perky. "can i get his number?" She asked. i laughed and told her to go through my phone. She took out his number and called him on her phone. "Hey Ashton I'm Kitty we graduated in the same class?" she answered then walked away. 
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