wherever you are (5SOS ff)

"we are moving to Australia." Tana's parents told her only a day before having to get on the plane. Tana's mom gets a better job offer but its in sydney Australia as a zoo vet. she finds four guys that become her best friends. All except Luke. He wants to hate her but can't. he Loves her. Does she feel the same way? only after 3 weeks? Or will Calum,Ash,or Michael win her over? when her friends move to town what drama happens?


1. chapter 1

    "Tana, Ethan, Dakota! Please come here!" My mom shouted from the living room. I got my brothers and went to her. My mom and my stepdad were sitting on our couch, my two younger brothers and I stood in front of them. My mom smiled really big "We want to let you guys know that we have been given the opportunity to live in Australia…for good." I started to jump around like I was 3 again. I have always wanted to move to Australia. "I just got offered to be a vet at one of west Sydney's Zoo's. Paying big bucks. They bought a house for us and plane tickets. All we need is clothes,shoes,and bathroom necessities. We leave in the morning." My mom informed us. That was really soon. She didn't give us enough time to even process all of this. "What about saying goodbye to our friends? We haven't even been home from school for more than an hour and you tell us this?" I demanded. She shrugged her shoulders then apologized, I was still excited. Our whole family except my stepdad had always dreamed of moving there. "Now go and start packing." My stepdad commanded.      I ran to my room and packed up all of my clothes, shoes, makeup, hair things, toothbrush, and accessories. It took three suitcases to hold all my things. I also packed a backpack to bring on the plane. I put my laptop inside after posting on Facebook the news, all of my CD's(my style is punk rock), my beats headphones, and my favorite sunglasses. I took a shower afterwards and then went to lay down in bed. It was eight at night when i had gotten done packing and showering. I texted all of my friends to inform them that i was moving to Australia. I didn't officially go to sleep until midnight.      "Wake up! We have to get ready to catch our flight." My mom yelled to wake me up. I jumped up in excitement. I ran over to my suitcase and found my outfit for the day. I am nicknamed the "Punk-Rocker" at my school because of my style. I put on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a tight white vneck, blink 182 shirt, and white high-top converse. I shoved my pajama's in my suitcase and took out my hair straightener, my makeup, my brush, and my toothbrush. I walked to the bathroom and did my hair, makeup, and brushed my teeth all in 15 minutes. I put on my white beanie to accent my outfit. I then put everything in my suitcase then took everything to the living room. I was the last one out to the living room. We put everything in the back of our old run down Chrysler, then speed off to the airport. "What about my drums and guitar?" I asked my mom about halfway to the airport. "We will have to buy you ones, I guess." She answered smiling. The entire ride to the airport my brothers were arguing about who got the window seat on the plane.     My brothers are twins. They are both bleach blonde and have brown eyes. they are both really short and are 12. I am the oldest sibling. I just turned 18  week ago. Due to my height I only look 16. I have dark blonde hair(almost looks light brown), brown eyes, and i am very skinny like everyone else in my family, unlike my brothers(half brothers), I am half Canadian. My biological father was born and raised in Canada and so was his entire family.      We got to the airport pretty fast. there wasn't very many people there because it's the middle of the school year and no one is going to go on vacation. We went through security fast and picked up our tickets. I sat by a stranger on the plane. He smelled like old man and cheese. I sat by the window.      The flight was 12 hours long to Australia from Florida (where we just moved from). I had fallen asleep. I was woken by the flight attendant on the intercom. "Welcome to Australia. please remain seated with your seat belts on until we have come to a full stop at the gate. have a safe night and thank you for flying with american airlines." she hung up and i opened the window shade. it was night. i looked down to see all the lights. it was so beautiful. as we got closer to the ground i could see the ocean waves crash against the shore. it was so pretty.      The plane landed and i waited to get off until i saw my parents and my little brothers. i knelt down to whisper to my brothers "he smelt like cheese." they laughed. we walked out to the parking lot after grabbing our suitcases. i could smell the ocean from the airport. "how are we supposed to get to our new home?" i asked my mom. she smiled down at me and clicked a button from the keys that the security handed her when we got off the plane. "your moms new boss bought us two cars. your car keys are at the new house." my stepdad, Jerry, had informed me. we heard the beeping sound for the car and i realized the new car is a Camero. my face went wide eyed and wide smiled. we took our bags off the cart and put them in the trunk. we got in the car and my mom set the GPS. we were now on our way to start a new life.      "this must be a high paying vet job!" i exclaimed once we arrived at our house 20 minutes later. it was two stories. I've never been in a house that was more than a story high. it was your average two story house but big to me. it had a big front yard and a big back yard. there was another car parked in the driveway. it was a purple voltz wagon bug. my mom must have told her boss my favorite color. we took the suitcases inside and went to the rooms our mom said was ours. it was nine at night here. my room was decorated in green day,blink 182, all time low, and nickleback posters. it was painted a light purple and had a queen sized bed with a flat screen in front of it. i had a walk in closet and there was a dresser in it. it made me wonder how long my mom knew about this. i took a shower then went to bed.      
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