The Monster

As I walk in the room I can't help but stare at the ugly beast I see standing in front of me a few feet away. What happened to it.


1. poem

I wrote this poem for my English assignment, I was wondering if you could give your opinion on it please as my teacher told me it was primary school level but one of the teachers that read the draft said it was great. Thankyou


(Sorry if it's a little long it had to be in the word limit :) )

Here you go:


I walk into the room to be greeted by this thing

When I looked at it I wanted to hurl in the bin

The thing was big and fat and by far the ugliest thing I have ever seen

It had bright blue eyes and was quite the scene

But it had the biggest scars all over its body

Looking at all of them it was like it was its hobby

To rid its self of all the pain that was evident behind those swollen eyes

And by how deep some where it was like all it wants is to die

You can tell it has been through so much by all the pain shown

It's like all it wants is too be known


I can see the bruises behind the fat

There was that many it looked like it had been hit with a bat








As it stares I can tell

That it has been through hell

As the tears stream down its face It's eyes looked like they had been sprayed with mace

I opened my mouth to talk but it started to 

The way it's lips moved reminded me of the animals at the zoo

It said "my name is Tori

And this is my story

I wake up each morning to a slap on the cheek

I keep my eyes closed but I take a peek

It's my mother she has always hated me

I get up quickly before I get hit again and make her tea

You see my mother never wanted me she kept me only to be her slave

It has been like this since I was born and all I really crave

Is a family or someone who wants me around 

But all I will ever get is a pound

  Everyday before and after school but that's not any better

I thought I could write a letter

But to whom, no one wanted me they all believed what they heard

And those words kept going around my head it was times like this I was to be a bird

So I could fly away to some place I was loved

But that would result in getting hit by a glove

So as I lay in bed I make the one call to help me and as my parents get cuffed

I have to remain tough

I know it would get better but when has that ever happened But then I woke and realised I didn't stand up and life blackened    I mean I get abused and bullied all the time And if I did something they didn't like it was like it was a crime I would be hit and punished until the blood came out But all I could do was sit there like a helpless animal and pout I wouldn't let my pain show because of the pride But in reality I went home and cried That's when I realised that I will forever be alone" That's when the monster stopped talking  And I saw some more tears as it started walking The monster went to the draw and took some pills And as I looked at the bottle I knew that, that pill kills   And as I stare at the monster it stares back at me grinning from ear to ear I watch as its life is being taken away but at that last moment it becomes all too clear As I collapse to the ground I see the monster staring knowingly back It didn't want to do it but it had to be done but as the end is nearing I see it start to crack The tears start to fall as k start to think back to all that life had caused But I look back at the monster to have one last glance all I see is flaws Why was life so cruel to this monster when it did nothing wrong  I start to cry some more as all it wanted was to belong  The worst part about this monster I was staring at was that                                                                                          It was me.






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