The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


7. Chapter 7


At wedding hall Seeing Sara as Zafar bride made me mad i lost my cool i was just shocked could not believe that my best friend had betrayed me so badly he took away love of my life from me and then specially invited me to attend the wedding “At that moment i felt as if someone had pinched me in my ribs and before i could gathered had cut my heart with sharp knife”

“Why the hell Zafar and Sara will do this to me?”, were they were in love even while i was here having love relation with Sara?, is this meant love between Sara and me never existed.”

“How could Zafar and Sara do this to me?” as all those questions making my head spin with anger and before i could do something unthinkable my grandma slept on my face voice of which heard my every single person in the hall.

“Stop thinking wrong about your best friend and Sara I know what is cooking in your head i know what you are thinking they are not in love they didn’t betrayed you it was me who arranged their wedding it was my proposal and it was me who talked about this proposal with their families they haven’t even yet this whole marriage idea was mine”. Why are you feeling bad now? Grandma said in emotional angry voice.

“Grandma you know why i am sad you knew all about me and Sara”. i left Lahore so that one day I can come back as rich Casim who can give you all necessities of a lavish life. So that I can marry Sara and give her secure happy future i left Lahore for you grandma for our happy future”. I said to her with shivering voice.

“No my kid you left us to follow your dreams. To live your dream life you left to never come back again it was your decision my kid you left me in this old age and didn’t even contact me. i was your grandma but it was Sara and Zafar whom took care of me like their own grandma i have gifted your house to Zafar and Sara it’s there home now they will live there after marriage I will also live with them. Casim i didn’t bring you up like this you let me down you let Sara and Zafar down and most important you let yourself down my kid”. She said in sad heavy voice with tear in her eyes.

For me after hearing all that from my grandma there was nothing to say. Grandma true words had broken my heart now for me there was no reason to stay there i just left wedding hall with my back pack and tears and fear of loneliness in eyes. Without even thinking about were i would go from there I just left wedding hall. All i wanted was to be far from them as far as I can go.

While walking on long empty unknown road my phone rung it was Miss Emiko on the call.

“So Casim you left Hun without even informing me was i that unimportant in your life? I know you are not coming back i just wants to say "I Love You" yes i do love you lot i didn’t said it earlier because i didn’t had the courage to say it in front of you”.

“i fell in love with you when you first came to my coffee shop with uncle masood there was this emptiness in your eyes which i fall for then. AS time went by i become attracted towards you day by day there was this honesty in your words in your talk i couldn't resist. I know you are so many years younger to me you for sure you will find a beautiful lahori girl of your age in Pakistan but i just couldn’t stop myself from expressing my feelings and love for you.”

“I know its mean nothing now i know you don’t love me i know you r not coming back so i thought i must confess my feelings for you to you. One last time just want to say i love you kisses goodbye Casim i will miss you forever” as she was about to cut the call i spoke.

“Miss Emiko i love you too I do i am coming back people here don’t need me anymore they are happy in their life’s but I do need you and your love” i ended the call saying that.

I knew it was time to go back to live my real dream life with Miss Emiko the girl who had loved me silently from her heart for last couple of years and who was waiting for me.

“Later that night as my flight for Tokyo took off smiling faces of grandma, Sara and Zafar flashed by my eyes as i looked outside plane window with tears in my eyes to see my Lahore for one last time”.




















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