The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


6. Chapter 6


After working nonstop for past two years I had saved enough money to buy me one way ticket to Lahore. One way ticket was all I needed.

After making promise to uncle masood of coming back in 15 days’ yes I lied to him I was not coming back I was leaving Tokyo to be back in my Lahore in my Pakistan to be with people I had loved all my life from whom I had ran away to follow my dreams it was selfish decision and I had paid my price for that but now it was time to go. To go the place called home.

So after chasing dream for more than two years in Tokyo dream which never existed I left Tokyo without even informing Miss Emiko.

Arriving in Lahore, I felt happy and nervous. Lahore airport looked the same when I left couple of years. Nothing around me had changed other than myself. It was couple of years I was out of Lahore but it just felt like yesterday.

Lahore was not changed everything was just like the same when I left. Everything had its own Lahore way that you could feel as soon as your feet touched the ground. Suddenly new Casim was in old world with old connection. Everything was as it is the sunlight the air and definitely the people. I didn’t need to leave the airport to understand that.

“Mr. Casim welcome back to Pakistan so love of your country brought you back” mature aged passport officer said to me with smile while watching me with sympathy as I gave him my passport.

“For many years you’ve leaving abroad is your family still leaves here?” officer asked watching me curiously

“I was away for two years yes I do have family here they still live here” I replied while taking my passport back from him.

It was 9 December yes it was day of Zafar wedding I had arrived back without informing my grandma or Zafar about my arrival I wanted to give them surprise.

Coming out of airport first thing I got myself was a cup of tea damn how I missed my lahori tea.

I took a rickshaw from outside of airport for my journey to home. Gosh I missed our lahori rickshaws in Tokyo road from airport to my home was same wide and big it was that when I left Lahore but there was something else on roads which was not then when I left. Yes it was “The Cars” on the road that seems to be increased in numbers ten times more than what it was two years back.

It took me an hour ride in rickshaw to reach my home it was around 6pm in evening when I reached there seeing first it first after couple of years i didn’t recognize my home.

It looked so changed from outside since i last left. Now there was new green and blue paint on outside wall with new front door but most surprising was that house was fully decorated with colorful lights and flowers as decorated normally on weddings in Lahore.

It was my house but there were people inside and outside of house in wearing local style designer clothes which people normally wear on weddings in Lahore.  Probably they were guests came to participate in the wedding but it was not my wedding then whose wedding that was.

So I decided to inquire about it as i bent down to ask from an elderly man who was sitting on chair outside the house main door someone tapped on my shoulder from behind.

As i turned my face to see who it was he just hugged me with joy yes it was Zafar. Zafar the groom it was his wedding he was fully dressed in local lahori groom style wearing black shirwani.

“i knew you would come i knew it i had this believe that you will not miss this you will not miss your green light wedding" he said joyfully with loud voice still hugging me tight.

“Zafar move a side let me see my grandson" i heard grandma soft gentle voice.

It was after more than two years i heard grandma voice since I left Lahore i had kind off abandoned her didn’t talked with her after reaching Tokyo she did tried couple of times to contact me thorough uncle masood but i always remained reluctant to talk with her because at that time my whole focus was to live my dream life let alone talking even hearing grandma voice would have melted my heart and i didn’t want that at all.

As i heard grandma voice i looked the way from where it was coming from it was coming from. House main gate there she was my old beautiful grandma after seeing her i just ran towards her as some kid running behind ice-cream van.

As i walked to her i just hugged her tightly and started crying aloud she also didn’t say a word. She was also crying with me. While rubbing her hands on my head hair

God i missed her missed her rubbing of my head hair.

“Grandma i am back and i won’t live you again ever” i said to her crying while still hugging her tightly.

“My Casim i missed you my son you. Now promise me you won’t live your grandma again”. She asked me while crying.

“I won’t grandma i won’t” i replied to her.

Me and grandma were so busy in crying that we didn’t realize that all the guests in and out side of house were watching us with their wide open eyes as if they had seen lion on road.

Suddenly I and grandma heard afar Voice “i am getting late for my Barat my wedding do you both want me to be late for my wedding” he said loudly with joy while pointing his finger towards his wrist watch.

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