The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


4. Chapter 4


It was late in night I was feeling uneasy and was unable to sleep suddenly my phone bell ringed.

“Casim kameeny how are you?”

“The voice sounds familiar to me”

“Speak kameeny what are you thinking it’s me Zafar i will kill you if you said, who Zafar” he spiked joyfully

“Oh my god Zafar my green light how could I forgot you how are u bro I am just surprised with happiness with joy that you made this call honestly when I left your tuition center that night couple of years ago I thought you may not with me again" replied to him with emotionally charged voice while lowering my tune.

"Common bro you are best buddy how I can remain angry with you for so long" he said in assuring voice.

"Thank you my green light and i am sorry for that night i must have told you earlier about leaving Lahore i broke your trust" i said with crying face and heavy heart voice.

"Aray forget it its past, Acha listen i have one big news for you i am getting married next month and you are coming i am doing this call not only to invite you in my wedding but also ordering you to attend it i hope this time you won’t quite our friendship" he said in calm but authoritative voice.

"Congratulations my green light" who is the lucky girl i asked curiously.

"For that you have to come to my wedding you will come Na?" He asked in questionable curious voice.

"For sure bro i will" i replied.

"You didn’t say YES means you are not coming am i right?" He asked sadly.

"Bro i told you" before i could say anything more he cuts the call.

As His call ended i started crying loud i was just crying not knowing whether i was crying from happiness because after so long I had just heard voice of my best friend voice from Lahore voice from Pakistan.  Our I was crying from sadness

"Sadness what sadness i had chosen this life of mine myself but i guess his call had again reminded me of past of my Lahore my grandma my Sara of about whom i didn’t wanted to think and about whom i didn’t thought when i left Lahore".

I guess Zafar was right i was not going back to Pakistan not at all so if Zafar was getting married so what if i was not happy with my life in Tokyo so what if i was missing my grandma and my love Sara and my Lahore and Pakistan so what?

It was my dream to leave my country and to come abroad to live my dream life i had made this decision myself price of which only had to pay by me.













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