The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


3. Chapter 3


“Wait please wait for me “I shouted and ran towards the bus but bus driver didn’t hear me and closed the door. The bus left when I was just few steps away from bus stop it was everyday routine of mine since started doing my first here in Tokyo couple of years ago.

“My first job well it was not proper executive type job no not at all it was not kind of job that I dreamed when I left from Lahore. Miss. Emiko was daughter of uncle’s masood longtime friend and owned the small coffee shop in Tokyo city center, where I got first job thanks to uncle masood as assistant to Miss Emiko plus waiter plus sweeper. I worked from seven am till five pm Thursday to Sunday”.

“Miss Emiko was 35 years old mature unmarried lady. She was average looking lady with doll like round shape face and long hair with height average 5’1 height good body figure who always wore dark color jeans and t-shirts. Black glasses and old fashioned shoes”.

The place was under staff infect there was no staff since her father died Miss Emiko was running coffee shop lonely for last four years. With passage of time Miss. Emiko coffee shop had become one of main attractions of city center with lots of customers waiting in queue to find a table for almost whole day.

so it was becoming quite difficult for Miss Emiko to look after affairs of coffee shop all alone she needed someone to help her out in coffee shop before my arrival uncle masood had already talked about me with her and since uncle masood was best friend of her dead father it didn’t took her much time to decide and there you go I was hired as waiter (an MBA Degree holder Pakistani waiter)

To be honest I couldn’t complain about this job for couple of reasons firstly because Miss. Emiko was paying me well at least going by Pakistani standards and secondly after arriving in Tokyo I came face to face with this harsh reality that there was no worth of my degree here so dream of getting executive type job in some renowned Japanese company was dead and buried there.

“Miss Emiko I am sorry”. I said to her with emotional face.

“Get to work” she replied.

I was cleaning the bar counter when first customer came inside. Simple looking Japanese girl in her early twenties wearing blue color miniskirts entered the coffee shop.

I looked at the girl who came in. she stood there bit tall then normal height Japanese girls ravishingly hot looking with lovely groomed body.

I froze, my mind stopped working and my body turned numb. Something about her appearance disturbed me she looked gorgeous.

“Who is she?” I asked myself without paying attention to Miss Emiko who was watching me with angry face.

“Casim” Miss Emiko called my name to catch my attention which I was in no mood to give my whole focus was on this gorgeous lady she was wearing black dark glasses making almost impossible for me to find out where her eyes were focusing on in my mind I was clear that she was not focusing on me.

She then stored in the room and took her seat in end of the room.

“Casim get to work” Miss Emiko said in loud commanding voice jolting my focus on unknown gorgeous lady.

I grabbed a pen and the order slip pad and hurriedly went towards her to take her order.

“Good morning what’s your order mam?” I stood in front of her and smiled at her. To be honest It was smile from share nervousness yes I felt nervous after seeing her from close she was looking adorably beautiful just like a princess.

“Good morning can I have an espresso” she removed her dark glasses and smiled at me. Gosh what eyes were they simply astonishing eyes you wants to stare for hours.

My hands were trembling when I wrote her order I dint know why perhaps because of her smile or eyes.

Her smile had made me edgy and didn’t even notice me while talking on the phone.

“Is there anything else?” I asked nervously

“That’s all” she replied.

I served her coffee within couple of minutes. I stared her again with smile but she didn’t seems to notice it as she was busy talking on phone.

A few customers came in and I become so busy taking their orders and preparing their coffees. But I did glance at her from time to time.

Twenty minutes later she left without even asking for the bill I went to her table and found 500 Japanese yen note under her espresso cup along with white tissue paper on which her name and number was written.

“Her name was Akari” so she did notice me while talking on phone wow its great I said to myself confidently with half smile.

After she left I happily did rest of my job whole day thinking of her and tried my best to serve customers fast so that they won’t complain about slow service to Miss Emiko.

At five twenty I left coffee shop and took my bus to home the moment I seated in the bus i thought of taking short nap as it was my routine for last seven months. “What’s this why can’t I take a nap I always takes a nap in bus it’s my daily routine is there something with me today” I asked myself looking outside of the bus window.

“Akari” I shouted with joy jolting thoughts of lovely Japanese.

In night while lying on my bed I was just thinking about “Akari” I mean I was in Tokyo for two years have seen and meet many girls both as coffee shop waiter and as tour guide but haven’t seen such beautiful girl her looks had just mesmerized me  I wanted to call her but didn’t able to gather courage.

My phone suddenly rang it was about 3pm in night I guess.

“Hello handsome I am Akari”

“Wow Akari seriously is it true?  Is she in real talking to me at this time of night. As I was still thinking about it she again spoke

“Hi handsome are still there”

“Yes beautiful” I replied excitedly

“If you are free can you visit me now” she said softly

“Now at this time of night “I asked curiously

“Yes now but only if you are not busy I will text message you my address” she said instantly with seductive voice before ending the call

I pinched myself twice after her call to reassure myself that it was not my dream she did call and did asked me to visit her home at this of night.

I took uncle masood car and in no time I was standing in front of her luxury apartment door.

I rang her apartment door bell with excitement. She opened up the door immediately as if she was expecting me. Wow she was looking damn smoking hot in her black nighty.

She hold my hand and took me to bedroom of her apartment I was just following her blindly while feeling warmness of her body.

As we reached close to bed she turned her lovely face towards me and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips before throwing me on bed.

“she was marvelous in bed an expert in every position I was shocked how she often brought me to edge of ecstasy she knew how to turn a men on the pleasure point that drove a man crazy seriously how she learned all of that?”

After couple of hours of pleasure I fell asleep next to her and woke up at 9am in the morning. She was sitting on sofa wearing her black nighty enjoying her cup of coffee. As she saw me waking up she threw my clothes on bed along with bundle of Japanese’s yen notes.

Before I could come up with the terms

She spoke “here you go these are 20000 yen for your last night pleasure Service, so next time whenever me or my friends will be in mood of having some fun I will contact you seriously you were very good on bed last night far better than my husband and these local Japanese escort guys I hope you enjoyed it too okay I am going for a bath your coffee is on table have it and don’t forget to lock the front door when you leave. have a nice day handsome”

“Money for night pleasure service, I was better than local escort guys seriously what this all mean what she thought who I was? No it can’t be true she can’t do this to me did she had just made me a male prostitute I came here to live my dream to be something but now I was a male prostitute” I questioned myself while driving uncle masood car to Miss Emiko Coffee shop.







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