The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


2. Chapter 2


My flight from Lahore to Tokyo was long and tiring it was almost 12hours flight because it was a connecting flight had to spend extra couple of hours at Bangkok airport.

Although grandma had prepared couple of clothes suitcases for me but I preferred one backpack with least amount of clothes in it. I was in Tokyo to live my dream life and apart from my grandma love I didn’t wanted to carry anything from my past.

I was standing outside Narita international airport also known as Tokyo Narita Airport waiting for uncle masood. Suddenly I was in new world with no connection to my past, everything was different the people, the smells, the sunlight everything.

As I was smiling with confidence on reaching Tokyo suddenly my phone rang felt happy seeing uncle masood number displaying on my mobile screen. As I received his call and before could say anything he started to talk

“Casim my kid how are you sorry I am busy somewhere I can’t reach airport you just take a train from airport reach Tokyo station I will pick you up from there in two hours’ time see you soon”. That was it before I could even say “hi uncle masood” he cut the call wow that was bit humiliating I said to myself.

 I took the train to Tokyo station ignored the people who sat beside me and took a short nap

I didn't feel much difference between Tokyo and Lahore weather may be because I had arrived in month of January and like Lahore it was also winter season time in Tokyo with quiet a bit chill in the air I soon as I got off the train I wore my grandma handmade woolen sweater watching around in amaze. The beauty of the station had me paused may be it was because of excitement of reaching new city.

I left Tokyo station and stood by entrance where people were rushing in and out. Closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I closed my eyes grandma, Sara and Zafar smiling faces flashed by my eyes I felt scent of Lahore in the air that kept me there for quite a long time. I smiled at myself as tear drop fell from closed eyes suddenly I opened my eyes hearing uncle masood charged voice calling my name.

“Hey Casim my boy good to see you as uncle masood shook hands with me, To be honest I was expecting warm hug from uncle masood after all I had traveled from so far at least I deserved bit warm welcome from his side I asked myself.”

Uncle masood was my dead mother’s first cousin he was 50 year old mature aged small height man and was leaving alone in Tokyo for last 20 years and was running his tourist agency he was also one and only tour guide in his tourist agency while his wife and three children were leaving in Lahore Pakistan.

“We will be in home in 15 minutes time” he said with gentle voice while we were walking towards car parking.

“Thanks for coming uncle” I said to with half smile as we reached his car.

“Good to see you here I am glad you came following your dream, how is your grandma? how is Lahore I bet it must have changed lot with tall rising buildings wide neat roads or is it still same old Lahore were roads and streets gets filled with water when it rains heavy or third class buses carrying passengers on the roof I am sure gulu chicken biryani wala still running his biryani restaurant” as he was talking.

I felt glad from inside that at least this man was talking. He was may be not as dry and serious as I thought when he shook hands with me outside station.

“Yes uncle our sweet Lahore is still the same as u have described” I replied smiling.

“Ash I miss my country I miss my Pakistan I miss my Lahore” he said with sad eyes.

“There you go we are home” he said in calm voice as he stopped his car in front of small wooden made house.

“Welcome home Casim from now on this will be your new home” uncle masood told in confident voice.

My First few days in Tokyo past just like that exploring Tokyo meeting people of Tokyo and visiting known places of Tokyo

“listen Casim let’s be honest it will be hard to find some executive type job here for you so I have arranged something for you it’s not what you were thinking when you came here but you will earn enough to save some money while making your both ends meet” he said in gentle voice while taking me to some famous Japanese restaurant of Tokyo.

“Whatever you say uncle I know whatever you have thought for me will be nice” I replied looking into his empty eyes.

“That’s my boy, from Monday to Wednesday you will work with me as my assistant and from Thursday to Sunday you will do your second job I have already talked with your other job owner tomorrow I will take you to her” he said with a smile.

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