The Lonely Road To Lahore

Its an story about Relationship and Travel


1. Chapter 1

“what will I do here there is no place for people like me here I hate this country I want to be out of here I have education I have degree I am better than most of people around me yet i am the poor one with no job no money no future I have dreams too i will fulfill them I will” I replied to Sara in confident voice.

“Really this is how you think”, since when you have become so self-centered what about grandmother what about me what about our love? She asked loudly.

“Sara please at least you try to understand its one in life time chance I can’t get better chance than this to leave my dream I will find good job there I will be rich soon then no one will oppose our love we will have fantastic future” I replied to her.

“Your decision is final” she asked.

Yes, I sighed.

 “Best of luck, and thanks for selecting your dreams ahead of our love” she said and left my room with tear drops in her eyes.

Well to be honest i had made my mind well before this conversation with Sara

I always wanted to go to Abroad no matter what country it would be. Since completing my education five years ago I was striving for a chance which finally I found in shape of uncle Masood he was some far long relative of my dead mother. After years of making requests to him he finally got agreed to sponsor my JAPAN trip and working visa.

Suddenly my phone rang it was zafar call “bro you are late today is all fine?”

“Yes Zafar all is good I was little busy I will be in tuition center with you in 30 minutes time”.

 (Zafar was my best buddy he stood with me in all my hard times he was kind off my mentor my green light of hope I was good in English language since my early days Zafar knew that so when three years back he started his Zafar tuition in his elder bro small two room house he hired me as English teacher for students of classes 7, 8, 9 and 10).

Sunlight hit the room as I left my room for Zafar tuition center.

“Bro you look in some tension or should I say in some mental pain today is all is fine?” Zafar asked me in his caring voice while taking a sip of tea sitting on his easy chair in his tuition center principal room.

“I am all good bro no need to worry” I replied to him shying my eyes from him.

“Don’t lie you know your big eyes never helps you much when you try’s to lie” he said.

“What I do then?” I replied to him sarcastically

“Tell me the truth share it with me let your green light help you” he replied with calm voice.

“I am leaving for japan next week received my ticket last night I wanted to tell you about this earlier but I didn’t had the courage I am sorry” I said with low tune sad voice honestly I was feeling very guilty telling him all this in such way I must have told him earlier I was saying to my heart.

“I am angry I want to slap you” he said

“Don’t look at me like this you are my green light hope” I said to him

“He took a hard look at me, “shut up just leave” he said angrily

There was not much point in arguing knowing Zafar his looks had convinced me that he was hurt badly by my this act of not taking him in confidence and was in no mood of talking I stood up from chair looked at my wrist watch It was 9:30 pm and left the room.

“And he is angry he won’t talk now may be I had lost my best friend” I said to myself moving sideways on my bed while my eyes were still focused on burning fire of heater in my room.

“Son wake up it’s almost 11am” I opened my eyes hearing my grandmother voice.

(Since childhood I was leaving with my grandmother in our family home my mother and father had died in car accident when I was two years old since then my grandmother was everything to me she was my mom my dad my mom she had raised me up by running my dad’s sports goods shop which was located in city center even now after so many years she was running it to fulfill our house hold expenses as I was busy in following my dream of going abroad and had refused to sit in that shop off course after having studied so much and having MBA degree being the shopkeeper was the least I wanted to be).

“I slept late last night was thinking about life in Tokyo” I replied to her.

“So it’s your final decision you are going leaving your grandmother alone here” she asked in sad voice.

“I love you grandma but it’s one in life time chance you know it was my dream to go abroad I am doing nothing here at least there I will have good job lots of money good life and nice future” I replied to her looking outside of window as I didn’t had that much courage to look into her eyes I knew emptiness in her eyes will never let go and I didn’t wanted that to happen.

“if it’s your final decision I am with you then do what your heart says if you want to live where all you wants is to follow your dreams and are ready to pay its price then so be it my love prayers will always be with you” she said in caring voice while giving packet full of notes in my hand.

“Grandma what’s this?” I asked her while staring at her soft skinned determined face.

“I have sold our sports good shop all this money is yours take it you will need it in abroad” she replied while smiling, “and don’t worry your grandfather pension is enough to fulfill my daily routine costs go get ready your breakfast is reedy I will be waiting for you on table” she left the room I sat there on my bed stunned.





















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