After math

"It's cold so cold, I'm alone and katniss is nowhere to be seen. Please say she's not dead."
After katniss blew up the arena peeta was taken by the capital. This is the story of what happened to him.
The hunger games: Mockingjay competition.


1. chapter 1 arrows, madness, nothing

"Peeta wait" finnick yelled. I don't listen to him, I just keep running, it's all I can do. The crunching of the leaves and branches beneath me let me know at what speed I'm going at. I can tell I'm going fast because the leaves beneath my feet are making a lot crunches. Katniss's scream was load enough for me to hear, katniss would never scream like that unless it was extreme, I don't think I ever heard her scream before we came into this arena. I hate the capital for that and for all the pain they have inflicted on her. When I think about Katniss's scream the only thing that comes to mind is the thing I want to know the most right know, what did Johanna do to her? I swear if katniss dies, I'll rip Johannas heart out. Just like she ripped out mine, except I'll kill her by doing so.

The trees around me seem to go by quicker and quick with each step I take. The humid air and wetness of the jungle are holding me back but then I think of katniss, the girl I love and I push myself to keep moving. My feet stop before I bring myself to it and I fall over a large branch or tree, I don't know to be honest, I'm just focused on one thing on the tree, the warm red liquid puddled on top of it. A bit dips down and falls onto my hand and I look at it, known this is Katniss's blood. It has to be, I know it is. I look down away from my hand and I see more, not only is there more, there's a trail of it. "Katniss" I scream, the sound of my voice repeats it's self as though I'm in a nut shell. I am really, I'm in the arena.

I get back onto my feet and start to run, run like I'm being chased by the mutts in the first arena. As I run I look down so I can follow the trail left along tthe arena floor by Katniss's or I hope to find katniss at the end of this trail. The further I go, the puddles of crimson liquid get bigger and bigger leaving me with the thought of death looming over me because I wasn't fast enough to get to her. I begin to panic, thinking about katniss dying. She can't die, not here in this god forsaken arena. "Katniss where are you" I yell at the top of my lungs, She has to hear me, please hear me katniss, I need you alive please. Hot salty tears stream down my face but I ignore them, katniss is in danger, this is no time for crying about it, it's time to find her and get her home to her family safely.

A bright spark burns bright in the sky, looking closer I can see it's not a spark but a an arrow, a bright electrified arrow that's making it's way to the point of the arena. Only one person could shoot that straight, katniss. The arrow hits the top of the arena, and once it does the impact is so strong it knocks the wind out of me sending me backwards to fall flat on my back. Within seconds of the arrow hitting the arena ,everything blows and starts to fall apart leaving the arena in a collapsing state. For a second I am paralysed in thought, I tell myself to get up and look for katniss but I can't my body doesn't move. I just drift into my own thoughts of happiness and then questioning, will I get out of here alive? Is this my death bed? I refused to say it is but the hovercraft lifting katniss makes my mind change so yuck I don't think time passed by at all. She is dead because I left her, she died because of me, and with that I let the capitals hovercraft lift my from this arena as I drift into a deep slumber. I just want to die.

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