Bullied By One Direction


3. Chapter One

Louis's POV

I had just said a joke that I can't even remember and all the lads started laughing. Right now, we are all hanging out at Liam's house. I looked up at the door and saw Molly walk in and all of our eyes filled with rage and the sight of her. We all stood up and started walking towards her but what stopped us was when she screamed. Now she has never screamed before. I saw a mix of emotions in her eyes. I saw anger, sadness, but most of all fear. She ran upstairs to where her room was and we all heard a door slam which made us jump  and we heard loud sobbing. We sat there all staring each other. I knew we are all thinking one thing. She's afraid. She never had showed fear which showed us that we are taking this a little to far. We heard a loud crash along with another and another. Then we heard something that we had never had heard before. A scream of pain. We all looked at each other panicked until we all bolted upstairs. Liam tried turning the knob but it wasn't turning, she locked it. Liam found a key on the door frame and opened the door. We all walked in and saw stuff thrown everywhere but that's not what made us feel horrible. It was the fact of seeing Molly pale as a ghost, blood running down her arm, and most of all the fact that she was hardly breathing. Liam dialed 911 and they said they would be here in 2 minutes. No more than two minutes later paramedics came rushing in and Liam went with them to the hospital and told us to stay here and clean up her room. We all started to clean her room when I saw one of her walls. I motioned the guys over and we read over the words. All the words we have said to her. Worthless, Pathetic, Ugly, Un- Wanted, A Mistake, Bitch, Slut, Whore, Fat, and the worst of all I Hope You Die. And underneath there was a box. On the box it said bullying quotes. I opened it and read one quote that was a little long but I just had to read it. I started to read it out loud to the guys. " Half of the people are screaming ugly while the other half is screaming beautiful. Half of them are screaming worthless while the other half is screaming important. But the more people who realize on the side that are screaming worthless and ugly figure out how they are only bringing other people down with what they are insecure about. They then join the side and start screaming beautiful and important. The victim of the bullying may have forgave you but your words are never forgotten." I read the bottom of the quote which said " I sure wish my bullies thought like that." Ok, now I just downright awful. All the guys read what she wrote at the bottom of that and they all had tears in their eyes and I did too. We need to stop this now. We can't keep doing this to her she has us and her brother bullying her. We all look at each other not saying anything but talking with our eyes. Suddenly my phone rang which us all jump. It was Liam and we started to panic. I accepted the call and put it on speaker. " How's Molly?" Niall asked. His eyes full of worry and love? Awwwww........ I think Niall has a crush. Ok, back to Liam. " Molly is.............."



Oooooooo cliffhanger! Is Molly ok or not?

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