Bullied By One Direction


4. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

" Molly is........" then we heard a sigh. " Guys Molly is in a coma and they're not sure if she will make it or not." Liam said his voice shaking. No, no, no this can not be happening! I wish it would be like old times where we were all friends. But she broke our heart when she told us she was moving. She said it was because of her dad but that was bullshit. She moved so she could be with her boyfriend who ended up breaking her heart anyway. But, now I realize that we were all stupid to break up our friendship over one of her stupid decisions. She made stupid decisions all the time and we let this one get in the way of our friendship which we shouldn't have. I wish we would've known that two years ago.

Zayn's POV

Molly's in a coma and it's all because of us. She might die because of us. Because of us, because of us. All of this is because of us. All because we got mad at her over her one stupid decision.

Louis's POV

No, no, no! She's in a coma and she might not make it! I hate myself right now. If it wasn't for our stupid fucked up decision to bully her, she wouldn't be in this fucking mess!  God fucking dammit! Ugh, I just want to go back to the time where we decided to be her bully instead of being her friend. Then this wouldn't have happened if we didn't turn against her for her making a fucked up decision.

Harry's POV

Fuck my life right now! She might not make it because of the decision we made back in freshman year to bully her instead of being her friend. She was heart broken and we made the emotional pain even worse. We gave her physical pain too and now she is in a fucking coma. God dammit! She was always the girl that could brighten your day now we are the ones trying to brighten her day but now we can't. Now all we have to do is have hope and hopefully we will get through this, together.

Liam's POV

I can't lose another important person in my life. " Hi baby girl I don't know if you can hear me but if you can, I'm really sorry. I wish I could wake up and all the past two years were all a dream. I love you baby girl." I said sobbing. I really wish my parents were here right now. Maybe our life would be different right now if it wasn't for that drunk driver. I sighed and got up to leave but a soft voice stopped me. " Liam?" I heard Molly whisper. I turned around and saw her looking at me confused. " Why am I here? Where's mom and dad?" she said looking around. My eyes widened. She lost her memory.

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