My life



"Micheal you're just jealous." Calum snapped

"Geez, I'm sorry I didn't mean to ruin the mood." He muttered.

It wasn't often that we snapped at eachother, we all must have had a rough morning. Well, except Ash.

"I'm headed back to the room me and Micheal are gonna do a livestream, you and Ashton are welcomed to come." Calum said giving me a little smile.

"I'll talk to Ash about it."

As Calum walked away I felt lonely, even though Micheal was next to me.

"Calum can be a real bitch in the morning huh?" Micheal giggled.

"Shut up leave him alone you're the bitch here!" I didn't know what I was saying, the words just poured out before I could stop them.

"Okay, I see how you feel now." Mikey said as he lowered his head and walked away.

There I stood. Alone. It was my fault. I shouldn't have been a jerk to Michael. He was just joking around, but I always get protective of Cal. He's my best friend, well, my favorite person here.

After eating breakfast with no one but my thoughts, I headed up to my room.

"You alright Luke?" Ash sounded concerned.

"I'm fine, just tired, why?"

"Michael told me about how you snapped at him. That's not like you."

"I know. I know I fucked up so just leave me alone, okay?"

I hate mornings.

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