My life


2. New chapter

The morning was beautiful, a light pink sky with the sun poking through the trees. As for me, it wasn't exactly the best morning.

"Mornin' sunshine!" Ashton must've eaten already to be in a good mood.

"Go away."

"Aw, c'mon don't be so grouchy." Ash was always trying to get people in a good mood.

"Where's the food?" I didn't like to talk this early I just wanted to eat.

"Downstairs, I think Calum is down there, say hi to him for me."

"Sure thing." I said in a sarcastic tone.

I made my way to where they were serving breakfast. Ash was right, Calum was here.

"Hey, morning sleepy head!" Cal was lucky I wasn't so grumpy anymore.

"Hey Calum."

"How does it feel to be in L. A.!"

That's right, we're performing in L. A. today.

"Pretty good I guess." I don't know why, but Cal always gets me in a good mood for some reason.

"Nice beard, growing it out?"

"Calum, you're jealous because you're like a hairless rat."

"Fuck you." Cal said laughing. I couldn't help but laugh too.

"Jesus stop flirting, you guys sound like little school girls."

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