Sing Your Hearts Off

Follow along the journey of five musicians who feel like they will never make it into music. They go through romance and heartbreak, wins and losses. When they meet and form a band, Undefined, they take the world by storm.


2. ||Two|| Auditions 1

~~Audition Process Part I~~ “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the auditions for Undefined!” Everyone cheers as Alex and Savannah smiles and claps. “Okay, this is gonna be interesting. This was last minute so, hopefully, this will go well. Now it’s eleven, we will have a break at three, start again at four and end at eight. Does that sound okay to everyone else?” Alex announced as everyone nodded their heads in agreement. “Alright. Let’s get started!” They both turn around and go to their seats. They talk to each other first before turning around in their chairs and looks at everyone. “Okay, first person, start!” ~~Five Hours Later~~ “Okay,” Savannah said, clearing her throat. “It’s three now. You guys have break for an hour. Thank you to those who auditioned and for the ones who haven’t yet, don’t worry. Trust me.” Everybody starts filing out to leave then come back. “Sam, come on.” “Dude, it’s a break now. And they don’t want to see me.” “Stop being a wuss and come on.” Sam and Trevor walk into the room, looking at it in awe. “Damn, this place is huge...” “I know right! You never see apartments this big in New York…” “These two must be very lucky…" Alex walks out and sees them. “Gentlemen, we’re having a break. You need to come back in one hour.” “Sorry.” Sam says. “We’re just looking around.” Savannah then walks out and gets the papers. “Like she said, we’re on a break-“ She looks up and stares at Sam. “Oh my goodness.” The she gasps. “Recognize me?” She squeals and runs and hugs Sam. “Sammy! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you.” “Wait a minute…Sam!” Then Alex hugs him too, Sam smiling like a fool. “I thought you two forgot about me for a minute.” “You look so different now!” Alex says spinning him around while Savannah nods in agreement. Sam clears his throat and steps to the side. “Ladies, this is Trevor.” He says pointing to him. “Trevor, this is Savannah and Alex.” “A.K.A. his girl besties!” Alex says. The three of them start laughing while Trevor stares at Savannah once again. Savannah notices him and blushes a little. “How do you do Trevor?” She says. “I’m doing great. Thank you for asking.” “It’s very nice to meet you.” She walks up to him and gives him a big hug. He hugs her back as “Latch” starts to play in his head again. “Trev. Trev. Trev… Trevor!” “Huh? Oh! Sorry Savannah. I didn’t mean to keep hugging you so long.” “It’s okay. You have very nice muscles.” She laughs a little and walks back to the table. “So,” Alex says. “Are you two auditioning for Undefined?” “Yeah,” Sam says. “And I’m surprised that you two kept the band name too. Considering that I came up with the name.” “Wait! You guys were a band?” Trevor looks at the three of them while they nod. “Talk about the best band of New York Central High School!” Savannah exclaims. “We were so bad ass back then.” Alex laughs then nods in agreement. “That was when I was a nerd, Sam was the popular one, and Savannah was the newbie. Then, everything changed. Savannah became popular, Sam became the nerd, and I went through a crisis that made me a newbie in a way.” Alex explains, then the three in of them sigh in happiness. “Everything was so awesome back then.” Savannah says. “Way back then.” Sam says. “All of the memories back then..” Alex sings while Savannah closes her eyes and waves her hand lightly. “Can I get an Amen for the good days?” “Amen!” Alex and Sam say at the same time. Then they look at each other and laugh. “Wow…I can’t see Sam as popular. He likes Doctor Who.” “Never underestimate the Doctor.” Savannah says, pointing at Trevor. “Wait, you too?" “Oh yeah, Savannah likes Doctor Who also.” Alex says. “Hey Van, name all your favorite Doctors.” “Tennant, Smith, Capaldi!" “Same here girl.” Savannah and Sam both high five each other then laugh. “No wonder I missed you so much!" “Savannah, unless you want to eat, you better come on.” “Oh yeah! Let’s go. Sam, it was nice seeing you again. We need to hang out more often. It’s been too long.” “Same here.” They both give each other another hug. “Nice meeting you Trevor.” Trevor smiles and embraces her in another hug again, with “Latch” on repeat in his mind, hugging her harder. Savannah smirks and hugs him harder, pinches his arm then lets go. Trevor then grabs his arm and rubs the spot where he was pinched. She then walks over to Alex, who is shaking her head. “See you guys later!” They both walk towards the door and leave. Sam waits until Alex and Savannah have completely left the building. “Okay Trevor, they’re gone now.” “Bruh…..Savannah is so beautiful, like, oh my fucking, Jesus Christ!” “She probably thinks the same about you.” Smirking at the thought, Trevor shakes his head. “But that pinch hurts like hell though. Let’s go eat man.” They both start to walk out the room and go downstairs.
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