Sing Your Hearts Off

Follow along the journey of five musicians who feel like they will never make it into music. They go through romance and heartbreak, wins and losses. When they meet and form a band, Undefined, they take the world by storm.


1. ||One|| Introductions

“Savannah, come on! We need to practice.”


“For what? How is it gonna be a band with only two people?”


“We’re gonna make this work. Now seriously, we have a show Friday night. We need to be perfect.”


“Ugh! Come on.”


Being a two woman band is hard. Especially for these two, Alex and Savannah. Savannah is lead vocals and drums while Alex is lead vocals also and guitar. They begin to set up the stage. They used to have a drummer and a bass guitar until they both quit for an unknown reason.


“What song are we doing Alex?”


“Misery Business.”




“Yeah. One..Two..Three…” They both start playing Misery Business, and it starts to get really fun. They both take turns, going back and forth between verses, being silly most of the time. After three minutes, the song ends, and they both start laughing.


“Well, that went good.”


“That went great Alex!”


“But, it would be better if we had a full band. Hey, I got an idea: Let’s have tryouts for our band!”


“That’s a good idea, but where would we have the auditions at?”


“Here, duh! The apartment is big enough.”


“I have to go tell the manager.”


“You do that while I make the flyers.”


“Haha! No good Alex, no good.”


“But you love me!”


“You better appreciate my love for you.” Savannah laughs and goes downstairs to tell the manager.





“Trevor? Trevor? Trevor!”


Trevor sits up, his hair in a mess and everywhere on his face.


“Do you not know what time it is!”


“It’s 11 o’clock.”


“Sam, its too early to wake up.”


Sam laughs and puts on his Fedora, and walks into the other room. “Still, get up! We have to practice man. These guys think that they can beat us.”


“Ha! Lies if they believe that. You know what, we need to do a really awesome song.”


“There’s a lot of them. I’ll see which one we’ll do.”


“Only you, man. Only you. Where’s that chick at?”


“Oh, you mean the one you banged and then she up and left because she felt like you were too good for her? She left.”


“What the hell man!”


“She told me to tell you that she was sorry. Why do you go from girl to girl anyway? Just stick with one.”


“Don’t worry about why I switch from girl to girl. I’m going to take a shower.” He gets up off the bed and walks towards the bathroom. After 20 minutes, he walks out, looking refreshed.


“Now that you don’t look like a thot and smell like a thot, we need to go.”


“Where man? And don’t call me a thot.”


“Sorry….Thot. An old friend of mine is having auditions for her band. Apparently, their bass and drummer quit the band for some unknown reason.”


“Oh, alright. When do we leave?”


“Right now.”


“But I haven’t-“


“I will buy you food.”


“Let’s go then.” Trevor grabs his jacket and heads toward the door, with Sam behind him shaking his head. 



~~On the road to the auditions~~



“Dude, look at that girl in the car next to us? How can she drive just looking ahead and not doing anything else?”


“Sam, that’s a man. Not a woman. And he’s trying to focus on the road, unlike you.”


“Well, we’re almost there. Just 12 more blocks….”


“And how is that almost there?”


“Just trust me. Damn! Look at the line.” The line is traveling the 12 blocks that Sam was talking about. Trevor gets a look of nervousness on his face while Sam just laughs.


“Dude, we got this in the bag!”


“Do you not see all these people here for this—Whoa. Who is that?” Trevor starts looking at the girl walking across the street, with “Latch” playing in his head. Sam looks at him, and starts laughing.


“Watch those eyes man. I remember her from grade school. Me, her and another girl named Alex were best friends. I think her name is Savannah. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t remember me by now.”


“Why you say that?”



“Dude, she was the most popular girl at New York Central High School. She was a singer, dancer and a cheerleader. And she’s very smart. Went to college, but dropped out.”


“Do you know the reason why she dropped out?”


“Trev, stop looking at her!”


“What, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sam slaps him and now Trevor is focused.


“Thank you. Find a parking spot quick!”


“There’s the Trev I know.”


“Shut up and hurry."

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