Dead shot

Two friends try to survive the apocalypse,gather survivors,and a kill list full of people to kill.Zombie or human its the zombie apocalypse better get it out of your system before you died or become a zombie.


2. wal-mart or war-mart

  "Zach you go see more many zombies or people their are and I'll hide the truck"I said as Zach scouted ahead I hide the truck with leaves and branches.A few minutes later Zach is running back saying"There's two group fighting in front of wal-mart.Once I'm up there I see two groups a group with Colten,Joe,and Jerron firing at Devon,Noah.B.,and Jono and I three or four bodies with holes through  their heads then I hear Colten yell"Fall back".Zach and I watch as  Devon's group walk into wal-mart and then we sneak up to wal-mart's door to see where they were going to after they left we took two carts and pack the truck up.We heard Devon group when go caught up to them we heard someone yell Zezxel  has fallen then heard all kinds of yelling and saw too many zombie to fight.In the morning as we were driving along I saw a guy sitting agency a tree by the road I stopped the truck got out and said"Well Jerron Your on my kill list and from the sight looks like you're hanging on to life" I took out my shotgun put it to his fat belly and pulled the trigger next thing I know is a muzzle of a M-16 to the back of my head.

  "Put the gun down"Zach said and the guy put the gun down and I turned around and saw Plubba and I ask" Hey Plubba you want to join are group?" he said why not so he got in back.I said where do we go now and Plubba said"Can we go to the church to search for my mom"and Zach said"Let's go to Rural King to get supplies" Then I ask Plubba what type of weapons he has he said"9mm and the M-16" so we were ready to go to the church.

  "So the plan is go in search for Plubba's mom and get out and head to Rural King ok"I said everyone said ok we pulled up to the church got out and went in but that was a terrible idea.

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