Dead shot

Two friends try to survive the apocalypse,gather survivors,and a kill list full of people to kill.Zombie or human its the zombie apocalypse better get it out of your system before you died or become a zombie.


5. The revenge of the king

  After Zach got bandga I got all the ammo for my guns and headed to the truck with Noah.B. and Dillon to get revenge.So as Zach rested Noah.B.,Dillon,and me went followed Kegen blood trail back to their base.We parked 50 feet away and Noah.B. and Dillon are sniping in the back of the truck so I ran up and took out two of the shotguns and blasted in the door.Left and right heads went flying until I found Colten I held me shotgun close to his head and yelled"I the king of the blood hunter will have revenge on you for attacking us" so I shot Colten head off.

  Then Dillon and Noah.B. come to the base to help load up their supplies and headed back.Zach was awake when we got back and ask he ask"What happen out there".I said in return"We got into fight and that we have to be careful about who we talk to"after that we went to bed.The next day went to the school and found Joe in the gym hiding from some zombie hordes so we hind with him.Later Joe joined are group so we headed back but on the way to the trucks Joe push me and Dillon out of the way of the collapsing roof.

  So Joe was crushed to death and we headed back to the base at the base someone was there.So we snuck in and ambushed them it was Devon's group.After they explan what they were doing they stayed for dinner and sleeped here too.In the morning they were gone without a trace so we reinforce are barricade.We killed off the surrounding hordes of zombie and hunted down a pack of wolfs.

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