Dead shot

Two friends try to survive the apocalypse,gather survivors,and a kill list full of people to kill.Zombie or human its the zombie apocalypse better get it out of your system before you died or become a zombie.


4. Girls rule and boys war

  Later the guy we meet said" My name is Dillon from school" Dillon look so different he had a beard and tore cloth for a shirt.I said"If we get out of here want to join are group" Dillon noded yes because a guard walked by and told us to be quiet after a few minutes a guard put a bag over are head's and took us to the center of the fort.

  We were on our knees in front of the leader of the girls which was Victoria and Victoria said"You guys have three choices fight to the death,we kill you,or the zombie get some food.All three of us pick fight to the death and they give us knife to use we would have killed each other if Noah.B. didn't drive a truck through the wall with a mounted chaingun shooting randomly.Zach,Dillon,and me ran to the armory and got our guns back we took four girls as prisoners and we got in the truck back to Zach and my base.The driver was Zoey she and Noah.B. went to save Dillon now they're with us the four girls we grabbed was Tori,Victoria,Alexis,and my cousin Olivia so now we were a bigger group that is ready for battle.

  With the two trucks we when for supplies at Rural King we got as much as we could and head back the girls were in the maintenance truck for now.At the ranger headquarter has four lookouts Noah.B. and Dillon took first watch because they have sniper rifles and at 1:00 am they woke up me and Zach for watch.At 2:00 am we saw four guys that was walking towards us.The four guys are Kegen,Andrew,Joe,and Colten but they wanted to fight Kegen shot Zach in the shoulder with a 9mm so I shot Kegen with my shotgun in his knee and Andrew in his chest Colten group retreated and Andrew was dead so I took his two shotguns and blow off Andrew head with my shotgun.

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