Dead shot

Two friends try to survive the apocalypse,gather survivors,and a kill list full of people to kill.Zombie or human its the zombie apocalypse better get it out of your system before you died or become a zombie.


3. Dead by the alter

  Plubba took a charge into the church and ran into a horde of zombie he wasted the three magazine of his M-16 and one of his 9mm.After the horde he found his mom as a zombie.Plubba went up to the altar and said"I can't do it any more Kaleb end my life so I'm in a better place" I said"Ok".So I took out my knife and said"Got any last words" and Plubba said"My name is Brad" after that I slit his throat and Zach blow off Brad's head with his magnum to make sure Brad doesn't turn into a zombie.

  I found a empty journal and started to write about what happen so it can be written records if this ever end.In the journal I wrote 12/1/25 Brad is dead and haven't found any survivors that won't kill us later we head back to the base.Zach and me saw three girls so we went to investigate and we thought we could take them down or get them to join but we were wrong.When we got close we found out the three girl were from school their name are Toir.B.,Lana,and Jordan so we just walked up to them and said"Hi guys" but Toir.B. yell attack and took Zach and me down.

Zach and me were being dragged to some place that we didn't know about and I didn't know what todo.As we went we heard gun shot and zombie during a night I heard a person snoring.After a few minute I heard a horde attacking what sounded like a metal train car.It took two days to get to the fort of girls and Zach,Some guy,and me thought we were doom to die by the hands of the girls.

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