Dead shot

Two friends try to survive the apocalypse,gather survivors,and a kill list full of people to kill.Zombie or human its the zombie apocalypse better get it out of your system before you died or become a zombie.


1. The beginning of the end

  Started as a normal friday at school and Kaleb.A. is what they call me and my best friend named Zach.The other guys,Zach,and me was talking about the apocalypse like we normally do.Like what are plan,who to get,what to get,where to go but something I said surprise them I said "I'm going to make a kill list of people to kill in the apocalypse its not like someone going to stop me"."Kaleb what is wrong with you" said Devon a friend that does a good job at basketball.As we packed to leave I ask Zack to come help make a base  out of a old ranger headquarter and to bring his bow and 44. magnum to hunt and kill attacking bears.

One week later

  "Final we got this fortress done with the barb wire and the barikad right Zach"I said"Hey do you see that man over there"Zach said.I pulled out my crossbow and looked at the man and he looked at me but with half his face gone I shot him.Zack and I went to the zombie to retrieve my arrow and I knew as well as Zach that this is what we all talked about as a joke but we are series now and we are ready to survive,fine survivors,and kill all the people on my kill list zombie or human.

  "Kaleb are you really going to make a kill list"Zach said "Yes because if we make it to the end of the apocalypse no one going to care about them.After that we took my dad's ambulance he used for fixing car because he a mechanic and we head to wal-mart for food,water,medicine,and ammo for my 12 gauge and Zack 44. magnum and arrow so we don't attract more zombie."So I hope we find someone to join with a different weapon selection"I said "Lets just hope there's not all of zombie ok"Zach said.

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