a transfer student

its a love/hate story


1. the new girl


                      at school

Sensei : “ Good morning everyone do you all have have your homework for my Math Class ? “

Korosu: um yes s-sensei………………….

Ayase : “ I think so sensei-san “

Ash : “ Um i forgot mine sensei”

Sensei : “ Ash You need to do your Homework that’s why it’s called Homework “ She sighs Heavily .

Ash : “ i did do it i just left it in my room”

Ayase : “ you're in big trouble ash “ giggle

Korosu : .”uh………………………”```

Ash : “ shut up Ayase i did do and you never know i might be fine”

Sensei : “ Are you Idiot ? Hahaha Just kidding but seriously ash bring your homework”  

Korosu: pft- i m-mean………………

Ash : “i-im sorry sensei i will bring it tomorrow i promise”

Ayase : i check my desk “ the heck Ash your homework is in my desk .

Korosu: *covers mouth, trying not to laugh*

Ayase: “ Korosu-chan You can laugh if you want Baka …”

Ash : “ stop laughing at me, this is not funny”

Ayase : “ it is funny Ash “

Ash : “ im done” * walk’s out the door*

Sensei : “ OI Ash Get your Butt in here anyway we have a New Student . “ come on in Miss “

Ash : “ im done i will not go back in there ever”

priceless : HI sorry i was late im priceless and i'm new here.

Ash : “ wow, who’s the new girl ”

priceless :ummmmm………………… sensei where do i sit?(still looking at ash. fixing hair)

Ash : “ * thinks wow she’s cute as following back in the class”

priceless:(in a trance STILL looking at ash BLUSHING)

Ash : “ um um * looks at priceless and blushes*

priceless:(turns away quick) sensei where do i sit.??                

Sensei “ if you will please just sit next to Ash Please ? “

Ayase : “ Ash and Priceless sittin in a tree “

priceless:STOP THAT I DO NOT LIKE HIM!!!!!!!(thinking but i do hes pretty)

Ayase : * laughs hard * Ash Is a Girl Priceless at less that what sensei told us “

Ash : “ thats not true im a boy sensei lied “

priceless:(face turning red)STOP I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM(yet ttt!!!!????)

Ash : “ i’m not even into her* thinks oh my god i hate this class other than priceless*”

Ayase : “ Seriously ? oh sorry Ash “ * Blushes *

priceless: (goes and sits down and starts drawing stuff) i dont even know anybody and i already hate ayase( mumbles that)

Ash : “ its ok i do too  * mumbles*”

Ayase : “ WE’RE ALL MEAN HERE PEOPLE ! “ *my phone rings* “ yeah .. Yumi come one get out of bed and get to school !!! “ (yumi replies, “I’m too lazy and school is way too boring.. Besides that math sensei is really strict and boring!”)

Ayase *mumbles* “ Please come to school   Ayase : Please come to school ash is being mean again “*hums* Huh… Could you say that again?..”)

priceless:(don't say nothing just keep drawing and puts in headphones and starts singing).

Ash : “ hey priceless can i talk to you “

priceless:(still doesn't hear him just keeps drawing and singing).

Ash : “ * nudges on the shoulder and hopes you feel it*”

priceless:(takes out headphones starts to stop singing and looks at ash)WHAT you wanna ruin my day too!!!!!.

Ash : “ i-im sorry i didnt mean to upset you i just wanted to welcome you to this school * starts to put head on desk and read*”  

priceless :thank you (starts doing what she was doing before).

Ash : “ *secretly starts to cry on the book*”  

priceless:sorry i didnt mean to make you upset umm whos that girl.

Ash : “ what girl ”

priceless:that girl wayy over there(points )

Ash : “ oh thats yumi she can be nice if she isn't mad”

priceless:oh well i got to go see you tomorrow i guess!!

Ash : “ wait i wanted to ask you something but i wanted to do it in private”

priceless:umm i really have to go but ill text you what's your number

Ash : “ hey priceless its (454)767-9674

Ayase : “ dang this class is so boring “

                    after school


priceless:ok thanks(go home early)bye peeps

Ash : “ * gets home early* man when is she going to text me”

priceless:(textes ash)hey sorry i had to pick somebody up.

Ash : “ ok it fine and i was wondering if well you would sit with me on the bus tomorrow”

priceless : umm sure i guess i got nothing better to do anyway.

Ash : “ well i gtg my mom has to take my brother to the doctor and i have to go for some odd reason she can annoy me

priceless : kk see you tomorrow

Ash : “ kk see u then”

                         the  next day

priceless pov-i woke up did my daily hygiene and put on my clothes i had on some cut out shorts an aero shirt with my air jordans and waited for ash by the bus.

Ash : “ hey priceless wuz up”

priceless: nun (gets on bus) just texting people back home,(bus arrive at school and i get off bus and go to class)

Ash : “ maybe we are early”

priceless: were not heres everybody and ayase

Ash : “ um priceless i wanted to see if you would um…………”


Ash : “ u-um i wanted to see if you would well nevermind”

Ash : “ well um hi “

Korosu: *gets off the bus* …………………. *walks toward the school* ……………………

Ash : “ um hows it going”

Korosu: *walks into the school* ………………………

princeless: hey koro hey ash

priceless: well then i guess nobody want to talk (thinking   where is sensei).

Ash : “ um- um priceless can i call you price”

Ash : “ also do you think it would be ok if i cuss in front of you”

priceless: sure and idc and price is my nickname anyway so yeah call me price.

Ash : “ ok cool and i was wondering if you might want to go to the movies as friends with me”

priceless:umm sure who else is going beside us

Ash : “ um i was thinking just the two of us

priceless: umm sure i guess what are we seeing??

Ash : “ what do you want to see “

priceless:umm how about the mockingjay

Ash : “ ok i wanted to see any way “

priceless:kk (goes sit in seat and wait on sensei. to start listening to music and drawing ash but he dont know it).


big crash O:

priceless: OMG wat was that(scared)

suddenly Yumi appears in front of the classroom o:

priceless:OMG YUMI where were you i just heard a crash .o:

Yumi: *throws a pencil at Priceless* Hmm.. Well I decided to what I could choose between which clothes and blah and stuff and blah.


Ash : “ hey price i will pick you up at 8:00”

priceless:kk ash (he is really cute!!!!!!! cant wait )

Ash : “ yea watts up”

Yumi: Ah, Priceless. Your so mean but nice at the same time, You're actually sweet inside!

priceless:LEAVE ME ALONE mumbles* I WANNA MOVE BACK HOME *walks away*  

Ash : “ price …………”



Yumi: I just wanted to play some games.. * secret cri ;o;*


Yumi: I just wanted to test you, Priceless. (little giggle)

Ayase :” AWWWee kAwaii  !!!!!!

Ash : “ shut up ayase i hate you ”

Ayase :” I know i hate you too “  

Ash : “ shut the fuck up you bitch

Ayase :  “ hehe Make me you stupid little boy “ * laughs really hard *

Ash : “ hey you want me to i bet you will run away crying “

Ayase : “ Hmm… Well it’s useless to fight a little Boy But I could beat the Hell out of you tough hmm…. “

Ash : “ im done with you and you know that when a girl constantly rips on a guy that means that he likes her “

Korosu: *thinking* damn-

Yumi: Fight, Fight, Fight! Huehuehue!

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