a transfer student

its a love/hate story


6. the move

Ash:im so sorry but my parents are making me

Ayase:well i'm going with you.

Ash:no i have to go alone

Ayase: i’m going with you

Ash:you can't okay you just can't


Ash: its just personal

Ayase:i have to go with you or my mom will make me leave again


in America

Ash:wow its amazing here

Ayase: i know right

Alaina:okay you too we are going to the new house now do you want to share a room

Ash and Ayase look at each other

Ash:its up to you Ayase

Ayase:um um….sure

On their way home from the airport they get in a horrible accident

Ash:Ayase, Alaina,Mom,Dad you okay

Ayase:im fine

Alaina:im okay

Parents:were fine

At the hospital

Doctor:it is very serious

Ash:am i going to live


Ayase:will i be okay

Doctor:its hard to say

All of them died within days of the accident

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