I'm broken...

Meghan had a perfect life you could say. If you look at her shes smiling but, if you really knew her she had pain tons of pain. Her mum is a police woman and her dad died on duty at the fire station.


2. Chapter 2.

I woke up and got out of bed. I looked at my straightened hair and just brushed it. I grabbed a black my chemical romance band shirt and some white skinny jeans. After putting that on I put on my white converse I was planning on going to Michael's house and watch them practice. Luke promised to pick me up so I would have to sneak out unless mums at work. I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, it was Luke and he was here so I ran out the front door and hopped in his car. He was smiling I got bored so I asked "Can we turn the radio on?" He nodded and turned it on it was my favorite all time low song a love like war! I was singing along until the car stopped at a house.

He got unbuckled so I did also and we got out of the car. I jumped on his back and it didn't even scare him or make him tumble. He grabbed my legs as we walked in and started laughing when we saw Ashton kissing a stuff animal. I was still on Luke's back and I whispered in his ear "Wheres the restroom?" He nodded before carrying me to a room and putting me on the ground. I smiled until he shut the door and looked at me before locking it "Erm?" I asked looking at Luke who was smiling brightly I looked into his bright blue eyes until his lips smashed into mine!

I stood there until I kissed back and he put his hands on my waist. I smiled through the kiss as he lifted me onto the counter until there was a knock on the door. We separated and opened the door "Yes?" Luke obviously annoyed it was Michael "Erm you guys have been in here forever what are you doing?" Michael asked and before Luke could say anything I told Mikey "We were talking. Dam if you hadn't bothered us we would be plotting a prank!" Michael laughed before walking away.

An hour or two later~

Luke forced me to go to his house so we were in the car driving to his house "My parents had to go to some place for their jobs and my brothers are in college." Luke stated as I nodded. He parked the car and we held hands while walking in the house he was humming a I miss you by blink 187. He unlocked the door and we walked in before Luke locked the front door behind him and we walked to his room. "Uhh hey Meghan will you be my girlfriend?" Luke asked and I smiled at the thought before basically yelling "Yes!" I hugged him in the biggest hug I've ever had. "Erm... Can't... Breath!" Luke kinda yelled and I giggled as I let go just to have Luke plant a long kiss on my lips. We started cuddling on his bed and watched some cartoons we intertwined fingers as the world drifted far away from our minds. We were focused on each other, nothing else but each other.

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