I'm broken...

Meghan had a perfect life you could say. If you look at her shes smiling but, if you really knew her she had pain tons of pain. Her mum is a police woman and her dad died on duty at the fire station.


1. Chapter 1.

(Megan's is wearing the same thing as the picture on the cover.)

I woke up to the sound of my mum yelling. I groaned until I realized YESTERDAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL AND NOW ITS SUMMER! But that also means mum will be gone a lot for work at the police station. "Megan hurry up!" My mum shouted so I ran downstairs "what why are you fucking yelling!" I asked and she looked at me until she said "We are going to the beach in a few hours so be ready.".

I nodded and walked upstairs. I looked for a bathing suit until I found a black bikini. I looked in my closet and grabbed a two sized too big black shirt. I took off the clothes I had on and put on my red bathing suit and slipped on the black shirt and some red shorts. I grabbed my phone and flip flops and waited until it was time to go.

Skip to at the beach~

Mum parked and we got out of the car before grabbing our things. I put my stuff in this beach bag before we walked in the sand. My mum screamed because a bee was chasing her so I put my towel on the sand before sitting on my knees. I grabbed sunscreen and took off the shorts and black shirt before applying the sunscreen. "I hate bees!" My mum shouted as she sat on her towel and put sunscreen on. I put in my headphones and listened to all time low a love like war.

I felt someone tap on my shoulder so I turned around to see a guy with curly hair "Hi you look bored wanna hang out with me and three other idiots?" He asked jokingly "Sure." I said before grabbing my phone and standing up. I followed him to his mates and I awkwardly waved "Ash you finally got a girl to hang out with you!" A guy with red hair yelled and I was so confused. "This is um whats your name?" The guy with curly hair asked "I'm Megan and my mums a cop so don't try anything." I said before we all cracked up and then they told me their names.

"Let's swim!" Luke shouted so we all walked to the ocean. Calum picked me up and I screamed "I swear to god Calum don't put me in the water!" He ignored me and ran in the water still holding me as everyone laughed but me! I heard my mum screaming my name so I made Calum get me out of the water and I waved. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked looking at mum who was red. "They could be kidnappers! Let's go!" She shouted dragging me and our things to the car.

"They are my friends you always say that." I mumbled as I opened the car door and got in. Ashton was running towards us and my mum started the car "Megan you left your phone!" He shouted and I rolled my window down. He handed me my phone "Thanks bye." I said and he waved as we drove off. I unlocked my phone and saw they entered their numbers in my phone I quickly locked my phone as we got out of the car.

"Your so boring!" I shouted and stomped off to my room with my things. I shut my door and locked it behind me. I grabbed a towel and a red tank top to match my red and black plaid pj pants. since it was almost dark. I got in the shower and when I was done I brushed my teeth and hair before getting dressed. I walked to my room and looked in the mirror. I wonder why those guys even wanted to be my friend? I turned the lights out got in bed. I drifted into a crappy sleep in this crappy world.

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