The Day The Earth Fell Silent

A kid named Logan was just playing with his friends, Noah, Drew, Kegan, and Brad on a hot summer day in New York City. They were just kicking a rock around in Central Park, but they accidently kicked the rock into the thick layer of trees. Logan went over to go get the rock back but right as he was about to pick the rock up something was blocking his path... it was a zombie.


15. The Unbearable Pain

            They just left us there and it was turning night. It was very cold sleeping there and I would shiver throughout the night. I thought about how there weren't any zombies in here but then I thought that they boarded up the entrances.We didn't really talk to each other because we didn't want to get caught and have to get beat up even more. We would just whisper occasionally. I finally was able to go to sleep. 

            I woke up with water splashing in our faces. As a first instinct Noah lurched forward and tried to punch him but he couldn't because he was strapped down. "Get down." Joe said as he hit him in the head with his fist as hard as he could causing him to get knocked out.

           "Why don't you just kill us now?" I said.

           "Then we wouldn't be able to torture you and give you the price you deserve!" Colton said. Joe and Gavin came in with whips. "Alrighty boys let the torturing begin!" Colton said. Joe and Gavin started to walk in on us and got their whips ready. They started to whip us as hard as they could. Even though noah couldn't feel it since he is knocked out, he will probably wonder what all of the cuts are from.

           I the whipping stung so bad and left giant slashes across our bodies. I had to grit my teeth so hard to bear the pain, but trying to bear this kind of pain was like trying to ignore a spear going straight through your body. We yelled in pain as each of the whips hit our bodies.

          Colton finally said,"Alright guys that's enough, like I said we don't want to kill them because if we do they can't have any more torture." I looked to see his face and a evil smirk was on it. 

          I sat there trying to think of a plan of how we are going to get out of here. I looked in my vest and could see the lighter in its holder. Thats when I finally found out an idea.


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