The Day The Earth Fell Silent

A kid named Logan was just playing with his friends, Noah, Drew, Kegan, and Brad on a hot summer day in New York City. They were just kicking a rock around in Central Park, but they accidently kicked the rock into the thick layer of trees. Logan went over to go get the rock back but right as he was about to pick the rock up something was blocking his path... it was a zombie.


16. The Escape Plan

         I told the others what I was going to do. I whispered,"You know how we all have lighters?They all nodded. "Well I am going to melt the duct tape that is strapping us down and when I am all done I will go and get that can off of the shelf. Once that is completed I will put the lighter under where the can sprays and make a homemade flamethrower."

        "What if the cans spray isn't flammable?"Noah whispered since he was not knocked out anymore.

        "The can has a caution on it that says do not have fire around this item." I whispered.

        "And If they smell the melted tape, then what happens?" Kegan whispered.

        "Oh yeah... I will have to do it in the morning then shortly before they come in so they don't have much time to understand whats going on." I said. "Once the tape gets melted I will use my hidden throwing knife in my shoe to cut you guys loose. Then from there I want you guys to grab one of the cans with the caution label on it."

         We started to go to sleep. It is hard to sleep when you are upright, tied up, cold, and frightened. I looked at my arm and saw how many scars and bruises I had. That night I thought about what we have been through. Some of the things we have went through I will never forget. Losing best friends is not a forgettable thought.

         Noah woke me up in the morning and reminded me what was going to happen. I got my lighter out and started to burn away the tape as fast as I could. I got my arms tape all burnt off. Then I started to melt my legs tape. Everything was going according to plan but the tape really started to smell. I got my legs tape off and now I was ready to free Kegan and Noah.

         I went up to them and pulled out my throwing knife out of my shoe. I started to cut the tape off of Kegan as fast as possible. Once I got him free I got started on Noah. The knife was starting to get a little dull but that did not stop me from cutting. I got Noah free and Kegan tossed us the cans off of the shelf. We got behind the door and hid there until they came in.

        Joe and Gavin came in and we popped out behind the door and we shot the flames. "What the he-AHHH!" Gavin said. We burned them without mercy. Gavin fell to the floor dead with skin burned all over his body. Joe managed to run out of the door into the hall shouting for Colton but I acted quick and threw my throwing knife straight into his back and he fell to the floor dead too. We may have killed some of our own kind but we had no regret of what we had done.


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