The Day The Earth Fell Silent

A kid named Logan was just playing with his friends, Noah, Drew, Kegan, and Brad on a hot summer day in New York City. They were just kicking a rock around in Central Park, but they accidently kicked the rock into the thick layer of trees. Logan went over to go get the rock back but right as he was about to pick the rock up something was blocking his path... it was a zombie.


10. Saying Goodbye

             The task seemed impossible but I knew if we put a lot of effort I think we could complete the task. Devon told the bus drivers to park off the the side of the road and they did. There were many zombies outside so Devon ordered, "Kill any zombie on sight!" We loaded out of the buses and we were killing any zombie we saw. I used my shotgun and blasted the heads straight off of the zombies. I also used two throwing knives that stuck right into the zombies and killed them.

             Seeing Devons men fight like pros made me think that they could capture Coltons group with ease. His group is strong, courageous, and smart. They were basically miniature Brads. The zombies started to die very quickly.

             I reunited with my group."So I guess it's just us now." Noah said sadly. " Devon told us about the mission and to be honest It seems a little challenging." Noah said.

"I think we can do it, and lets try to stay positive. And anyways we were always up for a challenge. Lets do this for Brad and Drew." I said.

Devon came up to me and said, "The helicopter should be here any minute. And before the helicopter comes I want to give you guys something." Devon opened a flap on the side of the bus and pulled out some heavy duty guns. He gave Noah an RPG, Kegan a minigun, and me a M16.

"We have had these for awhile and we have been saving them for a special purpose and I think this is a good time to use them. Oh and here are some ballistic vests for you guys, there is one lighter in each of the vests for if you need to make a fire." Devon said.

"Thank you Devon. Without you we would have all died out there because we would have nowhere safe to go. Thanks again." I said.

"Your welcome. Now I need you to get on that helicopter, alright?" Devon said as the helicopter landed. We all got into the helicopter and it began to take off. I looked down at Devon and the last thing I saw was a bullet going straight through Devons shoulder and then everything turned into chaos.



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